Jew & Imps Final Destruction of White Species is "Now:" Communication Media

If I wasn’t working on this consciously and some one told me this info I wouldn’t believe it’s possible humans, (Jews and their imps) have so much power.
Just since I’ve gotten more involved in trying to get a pulse on the White Species, Media, USA, World, I’ve heard of  overwhelming shut downs of our pro-Whites who I’m going to put in Chapter 23. It’s also the murder of freedom of speech. Jews already got what they wanted total control using their freedom of speech, protests, takeover of White man’s businesses, raping their women and boys freely through their style of sexual revolution, (genocide of White species no, deformed, drugged or dead white babies, abortion.) Our banks, government, all media.
There’s just a handful of White people even a child, and Jews mercilessly destroyed or murdered their youtubes, audio, websites as mine hacked and many others.
Here’s just a list and there’s certainly more.

  1. Dr. William Luther Pierce – Internet shut down deceased White physicist 308 audios..
  2. Dr. David Duke, House of Representatives, Jew Youtube first banned videos but put them back on. Now again, the European Union shut down all his European videos.
  3. Jim, Joe Rizoli, Diane King, Cable Access TV show shut down, Farmington, Massachusettes
  4. Evalion’s (a child) Jew Youtube shut down channel, so far twice.
  5. Evil Israeli Jew Rabbis forced Amazon which never banned a book for I was going to self-publish with them, at least 70 books regarding Jew only version o Holocaust.
  6. Jew PayPal shut down “The Barnes Review” newspaper’s account so no one can pay for their subscription.
  7. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book, Synagogue of Satan, banned & received letter from Talkshoe radio his audio radio shows might be banned following the lead role of Jew Facebook & Twitter. (I was banned on both!)
  8. Talkshoe radio where all my 1-2 hour interview radio shows sent letters to those who had “controversial (but true)” broadcasts they may be shut down
  9. Tex Marrs book banned on Amazon.
  10. German Rudolf’s 70 books banned Amazon.
  11. Ursula Haverbeck, Germany, 87, 11 month prison sentence.
  12. Vincent Reynaurd arrested fled France,confiscated equipment and hundreds of books.
  13. Robert Faurrison prison,
  14. Horst Mahler prison 12 years, when set free, arrested again and fled,
  15. Simon Sheppard, England, arrested and imprisoned both England and USA for booklet challenging Jew only version of “Diary of Anne Frank,” as if she were modern day saint.
  16. Henrik Hollappa, Finland fled to USA for saying the black immigrants raping White Finnish women,
  17. Ernst Zundel, 7 years solitary confinement for saying 6,000,000 number incorrect, not denying Holocaust, (the fact is Polish Catholic Christians were the #1 victim no matter what version we accept, it’s silenced is scary. Jews called Poland home from 1025-1945, their entire population transferred from Poland to USA as a result of Jew Holocaust story. No Christian version of Holocaust)
  18. Sylvia Stolz, attorney for Ernst Zundel,  3 years prison Germany,
  19. Polish WordPress blog   justice4poland   hacked so bad she can barely blog, (All Jews come from Poland 1025-1945, now all here. Israeli Jews are from Russia who migrated from Poland and the worse of the criminal Jews,)
  20. Barbara Ann Nowak my autobiography banned and not even published for Jews totally run book publishing from New York paradise for Jews — all publishers — agents — editors — advertising – marketing. Suffering 2 death attempts, beaten and crippled in front of 300 people, car engine blew up, harassed by Jew employers, blackballed.
  21. Don Black,, assassination attempt
  22. Michael Collins Piper, dead “Final Judgment” book showing Jew involvement in President Kennedy’s death.
  23. Joerg Haider, Austria, dead car accident, several death attempts, beating, crippling on my life, robberies on my life,
  24. Michael Duncan, deceased suicided Vietnam Veteran husband’s handwritten autobiographies stolen, one when thief smashed my car window while we attended church — his last words “No Help for the White Man” and “They don’t want this out!”
  25. Edgar Steele, bomb put on car Edgar Steele’s wife.  He was attorney for Whites,  Jew Comedian Bill Mauer’s cousin involved. Died in prison & nobody new whereabouts.
  26. Lech Kaczynski, wife Maria, Polish President and First Lady,  died in mysterious plane crash with 94 highest of Poland at commencement at Katyn massacre by Commie led Jews. Jewess takes over as First Lady.
  27. Brad Love, Canadian – Jailed, arrested again
  28. Terry Tremaine, Canadian – fired, court assaults
  29. Paul Fromm, Canadian – Against Illegal Immigration, banned from USA.
  30. Andrew Chetwynd, England, forced mental hospital and drugging
  31. Alfred & Monica Schaefer, Germany, police confiscated all equipment, fired
  32. Arthur Butz, Author, Alma Mater defamed
  33. Arthur Topham, arrested, curfew, kicked off Internet
  34. Bill White 17 years prison
  35. Bradley Smith wrongly jailed 20 years
  36. Brian Ruhe, Canadian unjustly sent to mental hospital, fired 8 jobs
  37. Carlo Mattogno, Italian Author (disappeared from blog, will re-do)
  38. Many, Many more. Working on complete list for Chapter 23 of Autobiography.

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