Jew into Christian?

From a World War II German children’s book.

When Jews infiltrate churches. And I’m all for helping to save Caucasian Christianity, but Jews are the source of our decline and deaths. World War II was a racial and religious war against Whites, whose babies are only 3% of the world down from 33%. And the Germans predicted that was low

I talked with a German lady who said she went back to Germany for a funeral. The young people said their government did a DNA study. They were all Germans mixed with Jew and Muslims (Race/Religion) blood. She then talked to the older Germans later. The government destroyed all the documents that showed German people. Jews wiped an entire people off the planet and not a word is spoken. They did the same to my Polish: Jew Ukrainian clown, Zelensky, forced in first 3,000,000 then 2,000,000 immigrates to replace and breed out my Polish ancestors. They did the same to the Japanese: the 3 countries involved in World War II. All so wicked Jews could leave Poland en masse (1,000 years home) (1945) and break the USA law who had a 1924 ban on them.

We can’t solve a problem until we find the cause not what’s on the surface. Jews don’t want Christians in their all-racist cities of Israel. They demand or command a pure-race at the White’s race-breaking expense.