Jew & Jewess Germs!

Sometimes, I need a break for the horrors I discover and the prospect of the never-ending Jewish germs.

It’s the “Jews” not the “Germs!”

I watched Weird Al’s comedy version of “Germs!” and laughed, laughed, and still laugh.

Brother Bert the Polack made his business cards with “BTP,” Bert the Polack on them. He made fun of everything and everyone.

Although even when a tiny girl I realized that the others hated us and called us the name the Jew and Jewess cursed my people with, “Dumb Polack.” Nothing anyone has ever said or did against the Jews compares to what they did to my Polish ancestors, family, suicided or murdered veteran husband, and me. The Polish in Las Vegas at the delicatessen told me don’t dare speak about how bad the brown Mexicans treat the Poles. Unlike the pampered Mexicans, Whites have no recourse and attack and destroy anyone who gets in their way. We shouldn’t be afraid of them anymore than we should be afraid of “germs.” Someday, the Jewess and Jew will be in my shoes and no one to help them but hate them.

Anyway, on a lighter note, the lyrics match what the Jewish germs seem to create. Jews want that and enjoy our suffering and I won’t give them the benefit. Although I take our work seriously, I like to rise above their diseases they spread.

First, I’m not afraid of germs. I don’t believe in them and know that Jews pushed them on Whites so we’re constantly, “afraid.” Fear is the source of all disease. Until the Jews get off our White backs, we’ll suffer their consequence. Although what goes around comes around, what we suffered, Jews will suffer double.

Jewish Soap Operas

Jewish soap operas addicted and destroyed our White womens’ minds. Why? I used to sell Amway soap products. It was never about selling but recruiting. I then realized Whites are deluged with soap products. It started with Jew TV “soap operas.” They produced doctors’ TV shows, White women watched them and then the “soap commercials.”

For example: Lysol Spray kills 99% of the germs. However, the germs in the bathroom aren’t harmful. It’s the fridge spoilage that’s deadly.

Whites won’t wear the color white for fear of . . . stains! Yet all the colored clothes we are wearing are so loaded with uncared for stains, the garment could probably grow legs and walk! LOL

When I pioneered organic gardening my veteran husband, Michael and I, went to the horse farm for manure to compost for our watermelons. By the way, when they were just about to ripen, the local newspaper in Chicago Heights sent a crew to take a pix. The next day someone smashed them all. Tell me about the non-stop crime against me even in my silent days. I used to fertilize my 9 Queen of Peace pink roses with a urine type product. Also, had sludge delivered from the city where they composted the poop and pee. I know it sounds gross but it’s a healthy soil especially for lawn. I’ve experimented with everything.

Anyway, here’s Weird Al with real “germs” that remind me of the Jew and Jewess.

I hope you get a laugh.

The germs start on Weird Al’s White “skin.” And it does seem like Whites have a disease on our skin, otherwise people and Jews (non-people) wouldn’t hate us so much. I mean we gave away our entire country, women, children, animals, houses, streets, lakes, ocean shores, businesses, banks, government, churches, cars, Internet, movies, newspapers, the source of all news, TV, radio, games, insurance companies, theaters (Chinese partners), all our money, our White children in debt $32,000 at birth.

Anyway, folks, this video reminds me of what it’s like to be plagued with a real disease: the Jews. Wait! They have only been here 75+ years. Think if we don’t stop them what it will be like in 1,000 years as they did to poor Poland. Don’t let the Poles’ recent last 10 years fool you. Ernst Zundel called it the “Golden Handcuffs.” With the Jewesses running all the White banks and where the money goes, they prevent Poland from waking up out their Jewish germs’ nightmare. But also, it will happen, and we’ll rejoice.

Jewess YouTube owner disallowed it. Search below:

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Germs

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