Jew Killers from Galicia Poland; Arranged Society to kill off 50,000 of my Ancestors each year.

Jew killers of my White Polish ancestors of Galicia Poland.
As I wrote, the Jews starved to death the White Polish people that were kind enough to allow them to force emigrate into their country. My Daddy and my ancestors were from Galicia Poland where the Jews starved to death 50,000 Whites a year and then walked around in golden glittery robes to rob the White decaying corpses. There were 150,000 in that small town and were put into “work” camps where Hitler tried to force them to work for a living and not steal, cheat, rob, defraud, rape, assassinate, turn the host country people into drunks, drug addicts, doped up, bankrupted, etc. etc. etc. If it wasn’t these on this list, then it was relatives. But the Jew Communist Chinese Generals may have killed my husband’s friends in Viet Nam or the General’s wars. I warned you, the Communist Chinese Yellow and Communist Chinese Jews are controlling World today. Both much smarter than Whites thanks to Jews’ destruction of our White minds and bodies, even our genes. While the Jews and Chinese Communists are undamaged!
You may recognize some of the names, but did you know they were “Communist Chinese Generals” or like Simon Wiesenthal the fake who goes around as their #1 Jew lecturer and his nonsense about his atrocities in World War II and is a famed Nazi hunter until today. What if the Whites start a list such as this and start a Jew Communist list!!!! Save this for Jews may soon shut down internet to stop communication between us. Also learn to speak to one another every chance you get as the Jews have the highest verbage IQ. a whopping 143, even the Blacks talk constantly such as their rap music and Spanish talk so much they have a third ear that blue tooth where I’ve seen them deliver US mail with White tax $$$ and chatting entire time with their seniors, parents, children, neighbors… all in Spanish.. and all about their easy invasion and Takeover of formerly White USA.

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