Jew Media incites White Women to War!

Jew Media incites White Women to War. It’s sad that our White women who watch a lot of CNN and Fox are so riled up about Syria, the 100,000 bodies, poison gas, that they are screaming for “War!”

Sadly, I did the same after watching the Jew manufactured production of 9/11. I didn’t even realize that it affected me sooo much, that I called both my sons to join the military and “fight” them. I didn’t even know “who” the “them” was! Now if it hit me that hard, and I have to official Jew media brainwashing, think how it is for poor older White women whose only source of joy is that Jew TV box. It isn’t fair and it should be accounted as a hate crime against Jews to incite and manipulate White women not just as they rape us for 1000 years, but even the older women who I can’t even talk to. People that I like, but whose minds are set on war. I suggested they don’t believe the TV for the same thing happened in 9/11.  But the White women say “they must protect the ‘poor (Polish) Jews of Israel.” Both women are poor and very sick and without that TV they have nothing. That is how dependent the Jews made our White women.

When they said how many bodies were on TV of poison gas, (which I don’t believe anymore than I believe 9/11) I reminded them of the boxes of black and white pictures my US Marine husband had developed in Viet Nam of dead Yellow Communist Chinese who he fought bravely. Sadly, the Jew Communists and Chinese Communists won that war, and they drove my White brave, handsome, responsible, White Presbyterian descent husband to his suicide. And to think I was going to send my own two sons despite the damage done to my war hero husband.

There has got to be a better life for Whites, even seniors. This is pathetic. No one had the right to manipulate the White mind like that to the exclusion of any other thought for they don’t want to hear me and block it out annoyingly. This is called “divide and conquer” the White women, and it’s said if we are to save this country, it is our women that must change.

I never saw so clearly how Jews affected women, even old ones, and that is dangerous for there is nothing on that JEW TV for their self-preservation or self-defense. And I’m tired of White women turning on me, or even White men. Why should I risk anything for them or their children. Look at the breastfeeding. I helped change history as a pioneer and suffered the abuse. Today, it’s like breastfeeding was always the style and I shouldn’t be looking for credit. Ask a Jew if he doesn’t want his or her name after the credits in movies or at their own self-glorification at the academy awards.

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