Jew Murdered 500 Polish White Christian Auschwitz Workers

First, I studied for 23 years about my Polish White ancestry. I was shocked when I found out that the infamous “Auschwitz” camps were in Poland! What your mind thinks about expands.

Then, a missionary gave me a used book called “Poland” by James Michener. I read that after World War II, the Jew-led Communists began to open the (work) camps to let the Jews “free” but kept the White Christian Poles still inside. One “free” jewish worker (misnamed prisoner) broke off a table leg as a weapon. He then proceeded to go to the Polish opened cells and freely killed over 500 of my ancestors. No Nuremberg Trial. We have a worldwide history of a White vow of silence as I took for 35 years.

Recently, I overheard a Russian man talk about his nationality in my city. I said, “It’s a shame jewish-led God-hating Communist Russians killed tens of millions of White Christians.”

He became deranged! “I’m jewish! During that time, my grandfather broke a piano leg and murdered my (White) Christian grandmother!” He adored his devilish jewish heritage and hated his Caucasian Christian side.