Jew News 1. Any Confederate (White) statues of leaders destroyed; 2. FBI arrested Jew teen 2000 Threats against own Jews!

Accidentally I put Harrison, Arkansas show to sell some easy gardening equipment since I moved. How I even heard this is unthinkable and not possible with human odds. Oh well. I studied how the White KKK formed as sheriffs to protect White women and children after Jews in the South tortured the Whites, confiscating land (like Scarlett O’Hara, Gone with the Wind, nearly lost hers. Plus Jews starting with Judah P Benjamen was responsible for Civil War under White President Davis a pawn, and Jew Benjamen took the entire and most rich US treasury to his Jews in Europe.) The Jews were putting blacks in all aspects of govenment (as I wrote) and was a mess. The KKK had to take charge just as the French and Germans drove the Jews out of their land into Poland, 1096, over the heads of French and German church (Catholic) and government. Same should have been done after Jew Rabbi drafted 1965 USA Civil Rights Act. The horrors the White men, including US Marine, Purple Heart, who suicided after 1966-1967 being in Vietnam (China war) all before and after that law, were horrendous. Since we Whites have been kept intentionally dumber than Jews (Polish) smartest, Yellow Chinese, then Hindus, then Whites at the bottom. We can’t even talk of the Browns and Blacks because we jump closer and closer to them and further away from the smartest as I’ve shown tables on blog

I never listened to station but knew Harrison and area home to the KKK, which were defamed and annihilated by Jews. As Jews named them “Beverly ‘Hillbillies” and kept them at a lower IQ level, Jews did same with Dumb Polaks until today. On blog, I wrote about this including fact, Jew who made the show on the Southern whites deliberately pulverized them for Jews used Jew Jethro Bodaine character as the really dumb white who only was in 6th grade or something like that. And we were all taugh to laugh at hillbillies . .  . like Elvis who the Jews recently bought, lock, stock and barrel. Max Baer, Jethro’s, father was the one who beat the Nazi boxing champion in the Olympics. In other words, Jews man defeated the White Nazi man and won. It was only first of th entire 1936-1945 hate against Whites in Europe and Germany!
The News headlines talked first of a new ordinance or something which is going to shut down all things relating to the Confederacy because it hurts them and want them to get over it. Really! Do the Jews think we are that dumb? I would assume these meetings even in Springfield, about sons of the Confederates, etc. will be stopped. What happened to Poland is here. History does not have to repeat itself. We “believe” it does. Why don’t them remove the Haym Jew dumb Polak Solomon from Chicago prime location who emigrated from Poland with Polish slavery $25 million 1770’s to incite and fund the American Revolutionary War pitting White brothers and families against our White Brothers across the ocean for “Jew’s” to become our royalty, kings and queens, as we fought to be released from British control.
The news right after on CBS news, talked of how a Jewish teen, with dual citizenship in USA and Israel, arrested for extortion and faked Anti-Semetic propaganda! I was happy though it said the FBI worked with Jewish Israel to trace it down! Our FBI knows! Our FBI knows!
Jew teen responsible for 2,000! It’s not a coincidence the Jew CBS is mocking poor Whites of the South by putting these back to back on news. They tell us their evil and wicked, but take down White famous leaders and “idols” in the same 2 minutes!

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