Jew Pervert David Katz "finds" his "friend?" dead with heroin needle. Katz also found a white woman dead in his own hot tub.

Jew Pervert “finds” dead White Christian Philip Seymour Hoffman with heroin needs. It was also a Jew Morenthau who “found” White Christian President Roosevelt after World War II in a secluded cabin. Murder or death? Roosevelt the cripple President for Whites to “feel sorry” for was surrounded by mostly Jews included Jew Morgenthau who after World War II not only wanted to “punish” the White Germans who they supremely hated and bring down by made them suffer and killed 1.5 million White Germans (after) the war which is uncalled for the winning countries to do. We Whites have to “bear” that shame of killing our own brothers and then paying for it and still paying Jewish tricksters in Israel until today.
It’s odd but I was on internet radio saying that the Jews should get back with compounded interest for all the addictions they have put on us since 1492 the Jew known as the “Father of Alcohol.” “They” don’t use it, they push it on us and we fall over dead for them… literally. Jews did same to I Dream of Jeannie only white son when she found him as a heroin addict!!!! High Price to pay to be part of Jewish controlled monopoly entertainment.  “Katz” also found a white woman dead in his hot tub.

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