Jew Race/Religion Sperm of Dead Men

It’s interesting that Jewish male sperm is “sacred” for us to worship. Our White women spread their legs for the Jewish men and our men their butt holes and mouths!

Sperm Weapon Against Whites?

The White womb is sacred but Jews desecrated it worldwide for the 92% of non-White sperm to contaminate us. They use our vaginas as mere White sewers for devilish sperm.

Think movie, ROSEMARY’S BABY. White Mia Farrow (Jew husband Woody Allen) has the devil’s baby. Jew Roman Polanski’s screenplay. He’s the Jew who seduced a 13-year-old White girl and others, fled to Poland, and got off Scot-Free as they always do in my book since John the Baptist. Here’s 2-minute clip. Done in 1968, after Jews revolted against White America (Protestant) passed 1961 Affirmative Action, 1963 killed President Kennedy, 1964, Civil Rights Act drafted in a synagogue, and 1965, Immigration Act stealing White America and under their Communism gave to the 92% non-Whites.’s_Baby_(film)

Furthermore, Jews turned Whites into worse than animals, and we should be the sons and daughters of the highest not of the devil.

Jewess Sometimes Abortion

In Israel, a Jewess can’t have an abortion unless she goes in front of a board. If the father was non-Jew, they will allow it. If it’s from a Jew devil, like Eve mated with the snake and founded the Jewish race/religion, then the sperm can turn into another human for Whites to worship.

Yet, the #1 abortion capital is Israel. Why? Jews demand even White prostitutes held in bondage to service up to 30 Jewish men a day. So Jews either seduce Palestinian women who then “Must” have an abortion, since the Jews ultimate goal is Israel = all Jewish criminals. They will rule the world as least through the Chinese Communists not Whites.

Ask Your White Self

Why is the Jew mother and grandmother holding a Blonde White child?

I’ll tell you why. The Jews of Palestine are not from Jews of Russia who migrated there. A missionary friend who went to both Russia and Palestine said the Jews are the most evil people on earth. (Although he believes they are the Bible’s bad boys.) He said even the rabbis forge identities and documents. (think Black Barack Hussein’s birth certificate.) The rabbis created Jewish identities for White Russian criminals. Jews turned them into criminals after the 1772 Polish Partition where White Christian Russian “won” the land with the Jew devils.

Worse, Jews made White sperm “evil” to be hated, mocked, and abused as they did to Jesus Christ, who was White. Note the Israel’s pictures hangs above the Jewess.

In conclusion, genocided Whites, don’t forget to donate to the Israeli and Jewish Zelensky Ukrainian cause for the starving woman like the Jew Israeli grandmother. She’s got her hand on the Blonde child, who has 1/2 white/1/2 black socks on for Israeli cameras. In reality, it’s the Blonde and redheaded Whites who will go extinct first. I love all Whites, but they hate me.

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July 22, 2022
Postmortem sperm retrieval is turning dead men into fathers
In Israel, parents of slain soldiers are pushing for their right to be future grandparents. Critics call it planned orphanhood.