Jew Sheldon Adelson's Bribery Charge; Browns and Blacks rude to Whites and Jews encourage it, like their monopoly of Jew TV degrading Whites since its inception.

Jew Sidney Sheldon Billionaire wants to “nuke” Iran for the “Belief” of Iran having nukes. Now we already know the Jews convinced the Republicans after 9/11 that Iraq had Nukes. Like White Dummies we believed it and hence started 10 years of war in Middle East for “Jew” rights. But Jews also got us involved in World War I and II for “Jewish” rights so they could all illegally immigrate to USA when there was ban on them but Jews have a way of Mental Hypnotism to bend White’s will.
Since the Jews control both Republicans and Democrats don’t let this seem to be a “Republican” matter. Republicans used to be party for Whites but are treasonous against White Race today as are Democrats.
Here’s also a bribery charge against Jew Adelson who he and his blonde White younger wife make $11,000,000.00 an “hour~!” for his first casino that probably is bigger than all of Las Vegas together…… will probably get away scot free. I mean if Jews could confiscate the entire White Southern treasury who was rich before the Civil War, and the entire White treasury by defrauding us with their Jew Federal Reserve Bank and Jew IRS grabbing every tax dollar Whites made since 1913, this little bribery case is like just one lice on their filthy body and mind. But a nuclear weapon against the White race. Polish Jewish Israel is going to have to come clean about how many nukes they have, how many secrets they gave to fellow Chinese yellow Communist cohorts also against Whites so badly the Yellows destroyed our White man in Viet Nam even until driving 200,000 White men to suicide. No Jew suicides, nor Brown, Blacks, Yellows, Reds.
By the way, I notice the Browns and Blacks are racists.
Just a few days ago I went to order a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. A black guy laughed at me and cut me off and asked me if he could order first since he only has a drink. I immediately and clearly said “NO!” I’m only ordering a drink also. Today at K-Mart I asked the Brown Mexican sales clerk about sales merchandise. An illegal Brown woman that couldn’t talk English gives me a dirty look (If Brown looks could kill I’d be dead and that is assault) and cuts in front of me as if I were already dead and off the planet and country which is now officially Brown and their Brown children’s. The rude Brown women starts talking over me to get waited on first. I told her “stop it!”
I can’t get excited like this. Bad for my heart. In fact, the USA is bad for my heart. As it was even for my Mama as far back as 1950.
When I went to K-Mart a black woman waited on me. They are always “asserting themselves.” All the other races know how to “assert’ themselves. I took “assertive” classes as the Jew “Mind Clinic” in Chicago but for me to “assert” myself causes me too much “anxiety” and then they will put me on Xanex for anxiety and that pill has suicide thoughts and “actions” for side effects. I have to be careful about that. Not even the White race who has been often so mean to me I can barely stand writing my autobiography, are worth my peace of mind and health while they laugh, play, work, save, screw, have parties, work for their descendants, etc. I often wonder why I’m even writing my book.

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