Jew Sings "I Can't Be Broken Down,"

Whites: Jews Can’t be Broken. I happen to use my Grace Radio, which can pick up Warsaw, Poland, my ancestry as slaves for Jews and bodybags for over 1000 years.
Nick Uhel-sky brags against Whites, which breaks down White man, (Jew for name ends in “sky” meaning they conned their way into White Polish Catholic Christian Royalty for highest breeding while breaking Whites down and damaging us intentionally, even genociding us…) He was singing a song on Warsaw Radio, and it was a ballad “You Can’t Break Me.” And I thought, yes, Whites have been unable to break the chains of Jews or break them down. Yet they have broken us down, White men, women and children. Christians and Christian descendants. Even the so called Holocaust, found Jews “protected,” in camps. Pretty convenient. they had to sacrifice about 300,000 “not” 6,000,000. And above all, it was the White Catholic Christians who lost the most people and endured the most suffering, “not” I repeat the Jews. The Jews in the camp were low class and the Jewish race could easily afford to let them die. How? Jew Allieds such as USA, England, Russian God-hating and killing Communist Jews, blockaded Germany at end of war. Germany even had to blow up new bridges to keep the Russians from taking over. Hence there was no food, no medical. As the Jews began starving to death, (skinny bald headed bodies) I think it was Himmler who out of compassion for he couldn’t bare to see them suffer, had them shot and killed. Wow! It sure made impressive and scarey even terrorized sites for White USA men to find when they opened the camps. It was a really clever Jewish Hollywood trick, and up until now, at least in my thought, they commit not just a perfect crime, like a murder or their 9/11 heist of the World Trade Centers, all 7 of them, Jew Silverstein got “double indemnity” or double the money insurance was going to pay. They “can’t be broken down,” as the Jew song sings above. Yes, no one gets near the Jews and their stronghold world-wide Mafia. Especially now that they have 1.3 billion hungry yellow Commie Chinese ready to do Jew’s bidding for $$$ or USA land, or White women to breed with, while White men are annihilated. Yes, Jews keep singing “You can’t break me,” and he means “White Christian Heterosexual Man,” You can’t break me. But if there is justice, the Jews will get their day.
Jews made sure they “broke down the White male.” I read book about Vietnam, “Soldier’s Story,” and one chapter talks of how the fighting was so horrific, it wasn’t just to “kill” the White man, but to first drive him to a nervous breakdown, which man of them had right in the middle of the battle. Oh, yes and support these Jew and Chinese Communists. My husband, US Marine, Purple Heart, knew he was fighting ‘China’ for he could see the dead bodies after he mowed them down with his machine gun. Different than Vietnamese. But what he couldn’t see was the “mind” behind the war and the $$. Jewish money. Or should I say, White $$ Jews confiscated for Wars since their Jewish Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. (1914 was World War I.) Oh yes, Jews just can’t be broken. I have never seen a Jew squirming and screaming in terror in the middle of war. No, quite the opposite. As my husband was valiantly killing the yellow Commies, my husband’s friend, a Jew, who didn’t have to go to Vietnam but got a cushy job in Alabama, army, which led him and his two sons to become millionaires after war. This same Jew would go back to Chicago to screw the insides out of my husband’s fiance. My husband used to beat this Jew up when they both attended South Shore grammar school together. Jews can agitate and instigate as they do in unions, revolutions, whatever… as I wrote above, the Jew Nick U-hell-sky, sings very very confidently “I can’t be broken.” Yes, I’ve seen that throughout history. But now the entire world know. I’ve left my internet unsecured for a long time so “any” one could read these posts or my autobiography.
Jewess certainly “can’t be broken,” or hasn’t up until now. Just greedy sucking all the White $$ for her and her children for doing absolutely nothing but watching their kin steal, cheat, rob, lie, murder, assassinate, war, annihilate as Jew Oppenheimer dropped the two atom bombs on Japan in World War II… not White President Truman… as our history books state.
Can you imagine someone signing up for a college course and saying “I’d like to learn as many lies as possible. I’ll take World History, or US History.” How really sad, so sad, I feel so sorry. But I can’t feel sorry for White Species anymore. I read that the Scandinavian countries of Whites are really happen and doing well, rich, etc. They don’t seem really Godly, but, “role models.” Well, then, it’s time their women pick up the agony and suffering of saving the White Species. They are just sitting ducks for Chinese and Muslim troops, African troops to just walk over in a blink of an eye. Kill off White men, use White Scandinavian women for breeding as Jews raped me and Polish women for over 1000 years, left us with unsupported babies, starving, desperate, while they Jewess women were “Jewish American Princess’ on Pedestals,” JAPP’s.
I can’t imagine the Poles being as smart as they are, haven’t figured this out and once they do realize they have been Jew slaves for 1000+ years how they are going to respond once it becomes “common knowledge.” If Jews stole the newspapers or defrauded the owners and founders, they Jews will just have to give them back, and pay the Polish “with compounded” interest for their thievery. How can one put a price on 100,000,000 White Christian lives, Jews are responsible for taking, and the suffering of those that lived as my husband who the Jews ‘broke down’ into alcoholism and suicide. Odd I know no Jews or Jewess’ who are alcoholic or drug addicted and the horrible suffering of withdrawal when one tries to kick those habits Jews used against us to “break us down.” Elvis knew it. He studied Communism and it’s evils for 10 years, but, was unable to figure out the “Jew connection. Even if he did, little could he do since Jews control entertainment entirely, like a religion, as Beatle’s John Lennon said.
This “universal brotherhood of man,” is a Kosher name for “genociding” the White Man and his species and robbing every cent the White man worked for in USA and Europe for our entire existence. Jews “broke down the Polish people” but no Polish person broke down even one Jew.

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