Jew Weinstein Goes Bankrupt; Blacks Killing White People; Jews Bash to death the Germans

You’ll see a link below showing Jew Weinstein, Hollywood scum, biggest US Box Office grosses were below. I heard on David Duke radio the horror of what two of the movies did to the White people.
In Django Unchained, the Black man says something like, what’s there no to link about killing white people. Jews plant these messages in the blacks minds to incur hatred and a possible army against Whites if we ever unite even as two and stay united.
In Inglorious Basterds, a Jew takes a baseball bat to a German soldier’s head to kill him on camera. Again, Jews’ programming to “hate the White Germans.” I’ll put clips to both movies. I’m sure the other three are equally gross movies by Jew Weinstein. The White women are taking him to court; the White men should take him to court as the most horrific hate crimes against our White males, females, and children.
It’s odd but the Black comedian brags about “killing all the White people” and the Blacks go into a VooDoo ecstasy, (dangerous.) He says he was in chains and slavery. Jews kept my Polish people and me in slavery for 1,000 years, including Mama, Daddy, and my Vietnam Veteran. (along with Chinese Yellows their partners in crime.)
Poland was the lowest economy in 2004, when I wanted to flee there for asylum. My nephew moved back to Poland and loves it. But he said, it was the “lowest” economy, so I moved to Vegas instead. When Republican Mitt Romney ran for President, 2012, he went to Poland to find out how it went from the lowest economy to #1. In my estimation: Jews. Since it’s only been since 1989, after the Polish Revolution to bring down the Jewish Iron Curtain, the Poles have only been free for 29 years in their entire history. Now, with progress, money, Poles will never be able to unleash the secret which I do in my book: My Millennium of Misery as Polish-American Slaves for Jews.
Jews didn’t put “chains” on them. Ernst Zundel said the Jews put “golden handcuffs.” Wow!
The second movie clip shows how much the Jews hated the Germans, our smartest, and even most religious Christian country. But then Jew, Oppenheimer’s whose signature is on the two atom bombs dropped on the only two Catholic Christian countries of Japan, “hated” them. Jews commit such devilish crimes and get off scot free. Worse, labeled as Kings and Queens on their Jew Wikipedia. The only freedom we have is when we read, speak, and listen to each other.
Whites just “tell the truth,” and they unite the entire world against us.

  • Django Unchained (2012) ($162.8m)
  • The King’s Speech (2010) ($138.8m)
  • Silver Linings Playbook (2012) ($132.1m)
  • Inglourious Basterds (2009) ($120.5m)
  • The Butler (2013) ($116.6m)

Jews love bashing our White men to death and raping the White man’s White women, and programming their White children to enjoy this sadistic behavior. Where’s the united Christian Whites on this?

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