Jewess Descendant Controls White European Central Bank

It’s the Jewesses that control the world. Jewess Supremacism. Christine Lagarde. They originally dominated as mothers of the Jewish men but not the Jewess shows her true colors and power! I’m surprised Whites don’t or can’t object being worse than slaves.

First, USA. Jewess Janet Yellen controlled the USA Federal Reserve Banking System, which collects all the taxes for the country. She was promoted to President Biden’s cabinet and heads the US Treasury and all decisions. Dictator Jewess Yellen controls Biden, Whites, and Americans. All the USA money spent went through Jewess Nita Lowey!

Before that the Jewish men dominated the USA banks and their International Monetary Fund, Ford Knox with our gold, the World Bank.

Why didn’t they teach me their “mathematical” wonders but kept me as a pre-historic human barbarian slave? What about equality for White Polish and Polish-American slaves?

Next, note in the link the most powerful banking positions she held. How was she a USA Republican and also a European People’s Party. Also Christine (takes the name of Christ to fool us) worked for Jewish William Cohen, (the last name indicates the Cohen’s who rule the world).

Positions Jewess descendent held

President of the European Central Bank

Managing Director of the
International Monetary Fund

Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry

In addition, Jewess even controls all the White countries’ fish, which is dangerous and could lead to our jeopardized food supply (giving it to the non-Whites, 92%.)

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Minister of Foreign Trade

(Think the “Made in China” White surrender Flag and their dynasty.)

Also, Lagarde’s picture shows her in Asian “Singapore” and even (once Christian)” defeated Germany” defeated by the Jewish race and religion.

How did Lagarde get in on the Watergate hearings that brought down USA President Richard Nixon? Doesn’t anybody monitor every move the Jews make before they annihilate the White people and our countries, even leaders?

Here’s the ruler of the White World: Jew descendant Christian Lagarde has control of every penny, law, White person, churches, and countries in the world.

Here’s the link. Every Jew and Jewess must be monitored and their history exposed as to how they affected the genocide of the endangered White people.