Jewess Emma Goldman’s Speech: “Kill the White Republican President From Poland!”

Jews must be exposed. Not doing so and allowing it makes Whites equally guilty.

Knowing is the cure.

Jewess Emma Gold-man incited the Polish immigrant to murder the White Republican Christian president. If you read the Chicago Tribune’s 1901 article, her context was restrained when police stood by to keep her from going to far. In other words, violence, bombings, and murder of White people, police, the President Republican from Poland, Ohio, McKinley. She started American Communism, which now controls both the Democrats and Republicans. Anarchy has already happened. As in Poland, Europe, under Jews for 1,000 years, my ancestors and even South Chicago family, veteran husband, and myself suffered as their slaves.

Once the Jewess Goldman succeeded in having the President assassinated, she went after the #1 business executive. Henry Clay Frick, US Steel. Her Jew lover went to assassinate him, shot Frick, beat him bloody, stabbed him with a letter opener, and went to hit him with a hammer. The President’s assassin said the same thing when he went to kill our Christian White male. He couldn’t kill him enough times and kept shooting bullets into him and wish he could have done more. Through all this the Jews laugh with the rest of the world who view our White chaos, agony, and lawlessness as “entertainment.” Jews did the same in Poland.

We have to be grateful. It’s out in the open. I’ve ranted and wrote 20 years. Mama knew since I was in her White sacred womb!

My earlier blogs below on the Jewess murderous goddess that Whites worship. Since Jew media has filled our white heads and hearts with non-stop murder and violence since at least 200 years, we think their evil is “good.”

Her Jewess highness’ speech to murder is below. I’m not violent but focus on Whites working together.

Jewess Emma Goldman, Communist founder USA, Hated so much, she incited White Republican Christian President’s Assassination