Jewess Goldman Executes Polish Assassin

As I wrote, it was the Jewess who started American Communism who incited President McKinley’s assassination.
Polish immigrant Leon Czolgosz attended her meeting where she commanded the audience to kill the top business leaders and the president. Czolgosz told the news that he was (Jewess) Emma Goldman’s disciple.
I came across his execution picture in my folders as I was looking for something else. Jewess Goldman got off Scot-Free. She also incited the near assassination of #1 CEO Henry Clay Frick. You can search my blogs for both stories. She drove them not only to kill but in the worst possible way, over and over again. Jews never stop.
Fred Leuchter, the only gas chamber expert in the world, also worked with electric chairs. It was to prevent pain and suffering since many of the executions disregarded the excessive and preventable pain and agony. 

Jewess Emma Goldman, USA founder of Communist Tyranny, incited the assassination of Republican President McKinley. She got off Scot-Free. He was executed. She also incited the near assassination of #1 CEO, US Steel, Henry Clay Frick.