Jewess St. Anne Frank’s Grave: Victims Loaded with Contagious Typhus and Diphtheria

Her autobiography is a hoax as well as her death at the hands of evil Nazis or rightfully called German National Socialists. Although Jew media used the word “Socialists” today the same as “Communists.” Our poor, poor White dumbed down people. Jews also got a lot of publicity with a story about how Anne Frank died in the camp in the arms of some jewess woman, who comforted her! Lies, lies, and more lies. If the British burned down the camp, then the British holocausted it. 
What if her death by typhus is a lie and she escaped and her autobiography is totally fictitious as her $20,000,000.00 museum, that rakes in millions of dollars as well as billions of minds since Jews forced our laws to teach that the “evil Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews.” They added “gypsies” and others. And finally added “some Polish” the third time in the bill as if my people and me are not humans but the last word and period in their passed bill. All our White Children (Christian) are forced to memorize that or fail school! What a lousy (filled with lice) school system! After being nearly expelled in Vegas and expelled at the local university, I can attest to their injustices and genocidal curriculum, teachers, textbooks, and schools. Our recent USA  jewish law reads exactly those words, “Evil Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews!”  Maybe she never existed but is a Hollywood actress type character? We only “believe” and all our Whites are part of the jewish “religion.” They may not practice Christianity, since jewes destroyed that to again crucify Jesus Christ once and for all and worship them as gods and goddesses as well as Chinese, Hindu, Blacks, Browns, but taught Whites to hate each other!