Jewish American Ghettos

Jewish American Ghettos. Whites are blinded to what is happening to their home. So we barricade ourselves into our houses with several locks, alarms systems, etc. Worse than animals in a zoo.
As many of our cities turn into ghettos we think this “natural,” but it isn’t for White people. Jews brought their ghettos with them. Jews make them. Then when the homes degrade to the point of being uninhabitable, Jews rent them or sell them to Blacks, hence Jews are slum landlords.
Here’s from Henry for the USA Ghettos even in the 1920’s. What we do not stop and allow only increases. There was once just one Black on White rape in USA. The White Southern Men would have executed or at least punished them or whipped them as the Jews apparently whipped the Polish White slaves in the Jewish empire. Now that the Jews enslaved the Whites and freed the Blacks, themselves and all other races, we have 37,462 Black rapists battering 37,462 White women in USA “each year.” What about Africa, even Finland where Black thug Somalians are gang raping White women and if a man speaks up the White man is “punished” and sent to prison. As I said before. “All” Laws today are only for Whites to obey and for Jews to play a mean God and punish us. Jews are not God. Nor does our God punish us but protect and help us.
Whites must “stop” paying in any way shape or form for Jewish ghetto landlords and the Jewish International Illegal Drug Syndicate which has ruined so many of our White people today especially Youth.
From “The International Jew: “The ghetto is not an American product but the Jews’ own importation.”

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