Jewish “Purple Gang” from Elvis’ Song

I’d assume Elvis didn’t know about the “Purple Gang” when he sang Jailhouse Rock. This song, I Want to be Free, goes out to those Whites who the Jews had imprisoned while they roam the globe ScotFree as in Poland 1,000 years and before. I’m a prisoner living in solitary confinement for my writings. If I dare talk, I’m assaulted. There’s no freedom for Whites in the world. I’ve written many letters to political prisoners since my first to Simon Sheppard of England who wrote, The Diary of Anne Frank is a Fraud. Had to flee England like the Pilgrims 400 years ago from Jewish run government and religion also controlled by them. According to Brother Bert the Polak who helped build Miami, we give asylum seekers to Black Haitian “Boat People.” He added Haiti cleaned out their prisons and insane asylums and dumped the Blacks on the beautiful Miami shores, which Whites are denied to enjoy out of fear. Miami, like Chicago, and DC now have an underground non-White army, sometimes posing as Christians, to attack us if we ever open our mouths or say, “Enough is Enough.” 

As Elvis sings, “I want to be free.” But not until I finish publishing my book. Our Whites are “NOT FREE.” Mental and political prisoners.
This song is from Elvis Jailhouse Rock. When he sings Jailhouse Rock he shouts about the “Purple Gang.” We all laughed, danced, and I sang it in costumed karaoke. The “Purple Gang” or “Sugar House” to help Whites adore them. We never rejected! And Jews demand 100% devotion to their “Commandments!” Jews were the “Kosher Kings” of Detroit. Never wonder why Jews destroyed Henry Ford’s city of American car-making into a garbage heap decomposing in front of our eyes or helped if Whites pay for it. 

The Gang members lived in “Little Jerusalem,” which shows the Jews are 100% aware that their most violent crimes in history are from the Jewish “religion.” They don’t need a synagogue. Just a 15,000,000 tribe. 15,000,000 Jews before WWII, during, after, and today. It’s their belief in numerology. 

The White Prohibition Act was for Jews to shut down all the Whites’ businesses and gain control of them and spread their terror over the entire countries of Europe and America, etc.  Remember, Auschwitz, Poland camps were alcohol warehouses or distributors since Jews have been doing this since Poland 1025-1945. 

Jew Burnstein also partnered with a Chicago labor racketeer to organize Detroit’s cleaning and dye industry. Known as the Cleaners and Dyers War, wholesale cleaners and retail stores were forced to join Jew Burnstein’s labor union. Those who refused were beaten, killed or had their businesses destroyed. In some cases, purple dye was dumped on garments to destroy them. This effectively put a shop out of business and might have been another source of the gang’s name. 

(My words: Jews used and abused the Italians who Jew music, movies, news have programmed us to believe are the gangsters. Meyer Lansky, New York, most evil man in American history. “Murder Inc.” An accountant who ran his crimes without conscience, only mathematically counted the White dollars and genocidal victims.