Jewish Scare of Death: Atom Bomb

“Jude” is Jewish name and Paul named his son “Jude” they were so closely joined at hip: Jews and White Christian descendents! Beatles clearly stated that to be part of “entertainment” was to be part of Jewish “religion” not business. It’s a world wide religion that Whites now all belong to just as the Jewish symbol for boys” Jewish circumcision, a horrific, sadistic, bloody amputation of a white boys penis’ skin put there by God. But Jews have become “god: for Whites to worship. It’s not the White Beatles fault: it’s the Jewish masters. No one blames the blacks for Civil War.
Jew Terrorizes White President Franklin Roosevelt with “bomb scare” letter.
Note the date is August 2 by Jew Einstein to White President handicapped and crippled and suffering President Roosevelt. War then began just a month later in Poland, which seemed England and USA (we are still joined at the hips) drove White Germany into. World War II for White smartest Germans was a War for Race: racial survival. Not just in “quantity” for our white numbers were very low, but for “quality” Whites were hopelessly addicted under Jewish rule and easily to manipulate for their Jewish World Wide Rule and Dynasty. And I think this Jewish Dynasty has gone on even though Whites thought “we” had empires, such as Roman Empire, British Empire, now American Empire. It was White faces with Jewish minds and for Jewish $$$$.
Jews & Atom Bomb: Here is letter from Jew Einstein, who thru Jews’ minds and now our minds was “smartest” man ever. Not that he was, but we are told he was.
This letter shows Jew warning our White President of “nuclear” weapons and include at end that “Berlin” or capital of Germany has knowledge of this.
What was effect: scaring White Species into War with Germany. Note letter is dated Aug. 1939. It was only a month later when Germany started war with Poland the official act of World War II. Jewish $$ pouring into England for “hate” campaign against Germany. White Germans did not want war, begged for negotiations with England, even admired England, Germany was not prepared for war with weapons or $$, but was forced into it. Churchill told someone that Germany will get war whether she likes it or not! Churchill was indebted $2.5 million to Jewish bankers of Poland.
Also Jewish creator of atomic bomb has this quote: Jew: J. Oppenheimer: “Oppenheimer remarked later that it brought to mind words from the Bhagavad Gita: “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
Here’s letter scaring our White President from Jew Eisenstein: We can see that step by step, Whites were drawn into war by Jew letters, $$$, threats, and even totally Jewish Hollywood which prepared our white boys of USA to give up their lives, give up their sobriety and come back addicts, give up their self preservation for “death” is not equal to “life” for White species. And all for Jewish victories, Jewish Takeover of USA.

Here’s quote from description of true motives of White Germans pre-World War II and book “The Quantum Exodus”
“Product Description
It was no accident that the Holocaust and the Atomic Bomb happened at the same time. When the Nazis came into power in 1933, their initial objective was not to get rid of Jews. Rather, their aim was to refine German culture: Jewish professors and teachers at fine universities were sacked. Atomic science had attracted a lot of Jewish talent, and as Albert Einstein and other quantum exiles scattered, they realized that they held the key to a weapon of unimaginable power. Convinced that their gentile counterparts in Germany had come to the same conclusion, and having witnessed what the Nazis were prepared to do, the exiles were afraid. They had to get to the Atomic Bomb first. The Nazis meanwhile had acquired a more pressing objective: their persecution of the Jews had evolved into extermination. Two dreadful projects – the Bomb and the Holocaust – became locked a grisly race.
Jews used the “bomb scare” for White President Roosevelt, a crippled in wheel chair, to terrorize him, as Jews are using Iran Bomb Scare now! Both Jewish Hollywood scenarios to keep us Whites in bondage to Jews eternally. If Jews are called “The Eternal Jew” who are they living off of eternally? Whites for at least 2000 years.
Jews branded out minds like asses of cattle with “Atom Bomb = Jewish Holocaust.” And perhaps, today, Jews will annihilate USA, not from China or yellows or others, but they again will be at the helm of Death and Destruction as Oppenheimer Jew is the father of atom bomb.

Jews Scare & Terrorize Whites with Fear of Atom Bomb
Jews Terrorize Whites



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