Jews – 9/11 – President Bush duped by Jews and Blacks

9/11-Blacks President Bush. Here is photo showing where President Bush was “sent” for the Jewish Hollywood entertainment of bringing down 3 White paid for and built World Trade Center’s 9/11 tragedy. Mostly Whites killed. It is called Jewish and Muslim and Black entertainment. Who is in White house? Black Muslim. Who runs country, Jews? Where are Whites fighting, for Muslims for 10 years with 5,000 mostly White dead bodies and 300,000 White brain injuries to keep White IQ almost at mentally retarded level.
In this pix President Bush is at an “all black school.” This was intentionally done. Jews knew it all the time. He was positioned there so the Communists around the world could “enjoy” the fact that our White President was in their control and show how blacks and Communists are getting more education and White $$$ than our White kids rotting away.
Just as I wrote that the Polish Jew Communists brought blacks into Poland for education thru PHD’s while the Blacks watched thru window the White host country starving in bread lines, while he ate gourmet food, drank the finest champagnes and had sex with finest Swedish White women supposedly our best!
It dawned on me when I watched the video on my next post, something I never saw before, even though 9/11 was only thing I’ve followed on TV. It was an “all black” Florida school with black teacher, where President Bush was sent. Even today, White Romney was “sent” to White House. Whites are totally unaware of what is happening to us. It is scary. Not Jew Hollywood scary, but real life scary for it is just another genocide attack. I wouldn’t even go to the White House if I were Romney. With all their Jew hidden microphones, cameras, etc. he is being set up. And I certainly wouldn’t help black Obama. 400 years of White help and Jews and non-Whites stabbing us in the back is enough! (also watch video following showing what has dawned on me the last month or so. Jews were in cahoots with rich “oil” Muslims and using White Christian money for the other two major religions for Muslim $$$$ sucked from Whites for 10 years wars, trillions of dollars. Jews are on both sides, or really not on our side but Hate to the nth degree that Christians can’t even conceive.

Jews & Blacks did 9/11. I would worry about White Romney in White (Black) House. Here’s video from England showing Jews names written all over 9/11. You people don’t recognize Jew’s names, you recognize only “Lady Gaga” and “Justin Beiber.” Even my 6 year old granddaughter can find them on computers. Jews, Commies, Blacks are working together, even Muslims to destroy our race, our civilization, God, especially Jesus, who whipped the Jews the only person in history and he did it single-handedly.
This is White British video that sparked my mind for in an instant, I saw President Bush specifically placed at an all black school sitting in a tiny chair looking rather bizarre as a White man on the most tragic day in our history. Remember Jews “create “news and this was a Jewish set up Hollywood production for them and who they are cahoots with to genocide us to laugh at. I don’t believe President Bush knew anything about it. Whites are 100% kept in the dark and worse dumbed down and using our “emotions” that our own Whites will curse and scream at those who point these things out.
I have been writing of low and declining into imbeciles (lowest IQ possible?)- White IQ today, and suddenly I find these videos more evidence etc. (See other post today!) It is “intentional” that all our White $$$ has gone for our own White children to rot or for Whites to struggle with 3 jobs as my brother and his wife did to put 3 kids in college. It is the Jews. It is how they got to be smartest. We have been enslaved for so long it is hard to find the beginning, but I’ve tried. Any race that has no mental ability to survive but kills themselves at will of other races, even blacks, is at imbecile level, for we can’t survive, let alone thrive or even surpass other races. Also these other races keep us down by not teaching us properly, withholding information as Jews do, and promoting their own with grants, promotions at work, etc. It is all “hate” crimes against the 700,000,000 Whites alive today. Having more White children multiplies our problems not helps them.
Watch this British TV carefully and you will see why White British IQ has descended into 92 while the black IQ in Britain has gone up to 90. “Equality.” It was the damned Jews who forced this upon them, when Hitler was trying to make us smarter in many ways. Note carefully in youtube how many “blacks” are in this video. Why are Whites even showing pictures of them? Pictures are like branding irons on our money, emotions, and finally our pocketbooks and White taxes!
It’s that “tragedy” linked to “poor blacks” that stabbed White Romney in the back and made a hero if not Messiah out of Black Obama. It was no coincidence the Jew who Obama chose first had last name of “Emanuel” (Raum) which Emanuel means Messiah! What happened to Jesus, or God, or Christianity or White? We are already dead and they are eating away at our White corpses and that of our pregnant White women, eggs and sperm and babies for their perverted pleasure and enjoyment!
Watch how the camera focuses on black males and females, even the entire school of black children and black teacher! One would think only “blacks” died in 9/11.
“No” Jews died in 9/11. In fact, an entire floor of Jews (or Israeli Jews) were emptied out and it is said that is where all the explosives were hidden to wire up and bomb the 3 World Trade Centers)
Also what were the “races” in our “multi-racial” society that died in 9/11? In fact, with the trillions of info on google not one thread on “whites killed in 9/11.” How do we find out? Call the Jew who runs New York for 3 terms even changing the law to make sure that Jews keep the cover on 9/11, Mayor Bloomberg? Always know when you are dealing with Jews. It is why it’s good to listen to David Duke etc. to learn Jewish names. Even Hitler had Jews wear yellow Stars of David for whites to learn to identify them in business, rapes, gouging, stealing, murders etc.
Note behind President Bush, who is used as a White flunky positioned there by Jews (yellows, Muslims, blacks, even browns who are all laughing at Whites all the way to the bank, and having plenty of White sex for free also!) behind Bush is a sign “Reading makes a country great!”  What could be more true? Perhaps “true” reading makes a country great and a White species. We have been denied both reading and TV, movie material. It has been all White bashing or like the famous writing website that gives grants and $$$ only goes to those who write “fiction” or “Lies.” Very few go to truth writers, unless one is black of course, or Jews who invaded and conquered our White university for White people to get smarter, Harvard, Yale, Cornell (mostly Jewish. I bet that is where they plan their crimes against us for they are all huddled together.)
Note in vid, most of the hijackers that were blamed are alive not dead. False passports. Jews of Israel are famous for false passports as they blamed Scottish and English posing as them.
The names mentioned here like Wolfowitz, Perle, who formed the “Clean Break” papers called for a “Pearl Harbor”-like attack on US to get Whites involved in war. It takes violence to make more violence. Also the name Sustein, Jewish… all calling to kill Saddam Hussein for Jews to rule Middle East. We killed a man Hussein who never had nuclear weapons, and that is the only reason he was found guilty. We killed an innocent man. We had a story of Obama the black killing Osama bin laden, when it was a Hollywood creation hoax. He wasn’t killed, he wasn’t dropped in the middle of the ocean. They stole that concept from my emails when my brother, who’s dead now, (I wonder if that was fishy) said the kids were so stupid, mostly black, but White veteran’s sons also who lived there, should be put on barge and dropped in middle of ocean. They were unteachable. Whites are going down to that level called “equality” while Jews and yellows get extremely smarter and richer.
Note also in vid President Bush arm around a White man who looks Irish or British as if saying “Here’s a British or White hero, who “saved the blacks” since so many non-Whites were in footage and had no right dominating the film for White British to view on TV.

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