Jews Assassination: White Walt Disney, Nazis

My upcoming book on helping to save White Walt Disney. Jews stole White Edison’s movie machine invention, and the sound part from two White men. Jews had all of Hollywood except for Disney. They bankrupted him – he recovered. After he died, immediately, the Union of World Wide Jews, UWWJ, bought up Disney, even his relatives horrified. Today Jews use Disney as a tool of hate using themes against Whites. It’s “hatred” against White Disney. Remember Jews have no word as “love” in their language. However, their word of ” hate” is so evil, when they talk Yiddish in Congress, we can’t even conceive of that level of devilishness.

I love White Disney and raised my sons and have many costumed karaoke tributes. But then the Jewess and her Jew henchmen brought my entire book down including you and I since I published the draft in 2012. (Beaten and rippled 8 months later in front of a Las Vegas audience. Recently, I gave away copies of my book to find editors. Jews made me the “villain” and the Jewess the JAPP, Jewess American Princesses on a Pedestal. I wonder who the top Jewess is? No violence.

This is what Jews “hate” and teach us to “hate” along with them. Whites must love, help, and hope for one another and themselves. I also worship God, even Jesus, Mary, and Joseph who supported them and saved Him from evil Jew King Herod with 3 castle-Temples. And today, we’re going to build another Temple then castles to Jew Kings and Queens.

My book:

“The Jews fled, began Hollywood, and accused White Edison of an “individual monopoly.” However, from 1925 until recently, the Jewish race and religion have a “collective monopoly” owning11 of 12 of the Hollywood studios and even acquired the only significant holdout: White Walt Disney’s. In addition, the Chinese bought a large share of the USA movie theaters that Whites pay for.

  • Walt Disney, USA – When he invented the early stages of cartoon pictures, Jews stole his invention and used it to produce the first pornographic sex scenes. That infuriated Christians, but we lost. If our White (Christian) Congress set up censorship, Jews overruled them. “United Worldwide Jews Destroyed White Walt Disney Family.” [i]

Some Jewish names who abused White Disney were Mintz, Laemmle, banker Rosenberg, and others who posed as friendly. When the Jews tried to buy Mickey Mouse’s copyright, Disney finally denied it. Consequently, they bankrupted him. 

In addition, Disney’s Jew employees and Jew Communist union agitators fomented strikes that curbed his growth. [ii] President Roosevelt and his first assistant, Jew Morgenthau, conspired and schemed against him during World War II. They sent him out of the USA. 

Next, they forced him to produce anti-Hitler cartoon propaganda: Donald Duck was a Nazi[iii] and Donald Duck – Der Fuehrer’s Face. [iv] Disney was for German and American harmony. Remember, the swastika is a White fertility sign. 

In contrast, he rejected the “National Council of Christians and Jews,” promoting Communism. He countered them with the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. Disney and other famous Hollywood celebrities were victorious and contained the Jews until he died in 1966. Jew Saul Steinberg drove Disney stock down 50% for a corporate takeover. Jew Iger, worth over $690,000,000.00, is CEO. His salary is $65.6 million — an amount that even Disney heir Abigail Disney recently called “insane.” [v]

My Disney blog has my analysis and many self-sewn, designed, and Made-in-America costumes and props. [vi] My Snow “White” karaoke costume slide show and video. [vii]

The whole White “Duckin’” family: Donald and Daisy their nephews, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Mother Dumbella’s picture. She had a nervous breakdown when the triplets put dynamite under their father’s chair because he didn’t play with them. Before domestic violence set in, Daddy often played with us.