Jews brought down President Nixon

President Nixon said:
“Politicians are often controlled by the media … People have to realize that the Jews in the U.S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies. And there is a force that we have to take into consideration.”
That was about 1970 before the Jews intentionally destroyed the White President. Bad enough the Jews footprints are all over White President Kennedy’s death, they are all over Nixon. It was Armand Hammer, Jew, who paid $2.5 to perpetuate the Watergate Scandal which impeached the President and then forced him to resign. Who is Jew Hammer? His father or grandfather, Julian Hammer, is the Jew totally responsible for starting the Jewish Communist Revolution in Russia 1917! They killed nearly 100,000,000 White Christians burned down the churches but left all the Jewish Rabbis and Synagogues untouched.
Here’s a picture of a happy President Nixon hoping to help the USA. I think Jews used him to end the Vietnam War and since Jew Commies and Yellow Chinese Commies deliberately started that war to put our best White men on the front line which killed 58,000, (Perhaps 98% White) then drive to suicide, 200,000 “all White men,” and that doesn’t even begin to number the addicts intentionally addicted, the wives and children left crippled, as it hurt me and family, all  my husband’s close Vietnam Veteran buddies dying before age 35 with Horrible, Horrible, Horrible injuries. No legs, no half of face with loss of blue eye, etc. But. as you can imagine his friend, Art , the Jew, didn’t have to go to Vietnam but went to Alabama, to work in war in a gravy office and could go home on week-ends and screw my husband’s fiancee until she wrote him a Dear John Letter in Vietnam. You see, my White Veteran husband, biographically speaking for him, used to beat the Jew up after school every day. The Jew mother taught her son to play baseball, not as I did in the yard,but with expensive professionals so her son was a superstar compared to my husband’s great baseball abilities. The Jew boy then weasled his ways into the baseball coaches affections who just happened to be my husband’s father; my husband’s mother died young. That Jew became my husband’s father best friend until the father died… not realizing the Jew “stole” him away from his Viet Vet son when my husband needed his father most!! Jews get “revenge” but Jews “start” the trouble which provoked my husband to fight. The Jew today is alive, well, happy, millionaire as are his two sons. My husband, suicided. All the Jew $$$ today cannot bring him back but they continue to slaughter our Whites in war, financially with the housing losses, which “Whites” will have to pick up either thru insurance or White taxes.
Yes, our White men were happy once as  Nixon, but Jews surely know how to make us suffer in White misery while they call USA and Poland for 900 years: Kingdom of heaven, Paradise, Golden Age.

President Nixon before the Jews brought him down and made him a miserable and disgraced White man.
President Nixon before the Jews brought him down and made him a miserable and disgraced White man.

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