Jews Control Polish – US Banks 1025-now.

In addition, not only did jews control Fed Reserve, but I called all 535 House of Reps and Senators to stop the jewish anti-semite bill that demanded even if jews commited a crime we can’t do anything. The anti-Semite before the prior year passed 535-0! I spent a month. I then uncovered it was jewess Nita Lowey who controlled the House of Rep Bank. Jewess Janet Yellen confiscated all our White $$ coming into the Fed Reserve and Jewess Nita Lowey spent it. Janet Yellen now is the US Treasury director! I tried to alarm people for 20 years that 7 jewish banking families ruled all 7 Polish tribes since 1025. War & alcohol were our only products. 1924, Republicans had a ban on Jew (and Chinese) hence the holocaust fantasy for illegal immigration out of Poland (92% Jews come from Poland.) Three years after WWII, the Jews fomented the Chinese Revolution. As of 2010, Chinese are #1 superpower, certainly with Jews since they always work with another country. Poland, USA, now China. I also saw the Blue Man Group when I lived in Las Vegas. In 1997, when I first became en-whitened and Jew-savvy, the first item I questioned in writing my autobiography was the Federal Reserve Bank. I worked at the Chicago branch after high school. Also, I was a background actress in the 1998 movie with Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downing Jr., US Marshals, where they had a scene in front of the Chicago Fed Reserve. However, they covered up the Fed Reserve Bank sign with a Hollywood fake sign. Also, I saw one of the Hollywood crew on a ladder spraying something on the street signs. I asked what he was doing. He said, “I’m spraying dirt on the signs to make them look dirtier like New York!.”
One of the scenes I was in was when two actors walking toward each other in a big Chicago crowd, exchanged briefcases by the Fed Reserve Bank. I think at 1:03 is the aerial view of the Fed Reserve but it seems the movie is both New York and fake Chicago. At 1:19 you’ll see a man with a briefcase. Note all the blacks with prominent positions. When I tried at another film agency for a grandmother role, I was refused and they said they were looking for “Black” women not “White.”
Stop at 1:54. The “Taft Bank” must be the covered-up Chicago Fed Reserve. The man who carried the briefcase, colored, yellow? I was walking by at 2:40 when they exchanged the briefcases but I don’t see myself. I had bushy blonde hair. Here’s the switch of two briefcases with the yellow and it seems a black.

Scene where Yellow and Black man switch briefcases in front of the Chicago Federal Reserve bank in the Tommy Lee Jones movie, “US Marshals.” I was a background actress in it.

At the end, the agent on the phone says, “He’s going into the Chinese Consulate.” And then the graveyard. 4-minute clip.