Jews' Empire

Jews’ Empire! Here is famous Ginger Rogers, the highest paid actor/actress 1942. She surely didn’t know she was being used for race-breaking. But it this poster she is sitting on piano with black and white keys. It’s another Jew way of breaking white race down with this “black & white” theme. I have no hatred against blacks or anyone. I’m trying to save my own race, as black Louis Farakhan is doing. I’m angry about the crimes that blacks have done against me and my family, and Whites should have never left Europe if this is the state of affairs for White people: genocide and the suffering that goes with our last days on earth.
Jews have her looking up as if she’s looking at God or heaven, but look closely. She is looking at the New York Empire State Building. Jews were telling us, even then, that Jews were involved in a Jewish Empire. Jews used us like soiled white toilet paper for their crimes, their schemes, their advertising, wars, banks, etc. They convinced us that our “White” features would be sold around the world to other races and that all we had to do was to ‘be white.’ Now, being white is being in danger.
Whites never knew that our success was not “ours” but Jewish empire. It’s such a delusion that we go around the world as bullies terrifying other lands especially for the Polish Jews of Israel who kept my Christian White Polish people in slavery for 900 years.

Jews used our Whites to convey messages of their Jewish Empire
Jews had Ginger Rogers, actress, sit on black and white piano and piano board, as a symbol of breaking down White race with blacks and other races and having Jews declared as ‘Chosen People’ of God.

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