Jews Fomented World War I and II!

I was filing papers and found this document with my notes: A Closer Look at Poland and Europe. Remember Jews and Jewesses kept my Polish ancestors in war and alcohol, 24/7, 365, 1,000 years! And then in 1875, 2,000,000 emigrated into America, especially the land where the seven World Trade Centers were built! Much of the evidence of their crimes was bulldozed.

How utterly sad! It states Jews started World War I. For Jewish rights to get the land of Palestine to pretend they are God’s Chosen. They aren’t! They hoodwinked us but no longer can we be fooled. Once we know the truth, there’s no going back to error.

“It was a Jew who received $10,000 to kill the Serbian aristocrat who started World War I.” He shot and killed the Serbian and his Jewess wife. How did she get him I wonder? I compared it to the open car President Kennedy was killed in.

World War II. I read it was Jews dressed in Polish uniforms who attacked the Germans living in the Danzig Corridor. The land was given to Poland “after” World War I to set the stage for World War II. Their fake news media blamed my Polish White kin and even though Hitler didn’t want war, was forced into it. As William Shakespeare wrote. “The World is a Stage.” We’re mere actors and actresses for this Jewish “American Dream.” Concocted in 1928, one year after they stood Edison’s movie machine, and produced the first talkie movie.

Jews plan: mass migration out of their Old Poland where they had their “kingdom” and the entire population of Catholic and Protestant Christians as slaves. The only such in history!

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