Jews Harass White holy Christian Sister Rose While She Sings

Here’s example just how insidious the Jews are. Sister Rose and I went to mostly Jew public grammar school. She took me for kindergarten, she was in 8th grade. The teacher asked her to sing in front of class. Since there were so many sisters, we sang in harmony, like the Lennon Sisters, while doing dishes, etc.
I started kindergarten at the mostly Jew Phillip Coles School and walked to school with Sister Rose-o-day (Rose.) Her 8th grade teacher asked her to sing for the class. Elvis’ teacher did the same for him, and encouraged him for she saw great potential in him despite his poverty and no guitar.
Well, Rose-o-day got all prettied up for her singing début and the teacher presented her to the class, mostly rich Jewish kids in South Chicago. As she began to sing, the Jew kids distracted her and started to make fun of her. She started out confidently, with natural talent, feeling and emotion, but the harassment was getting to her nerves. She heard the loud whispers of the boys next to her calling her names, perhaps “dumb Polak” or “she can’t sing; she’s White,” or “she’ll make a nice shiksa” (Jew curse word for White Christian Whore for us to screw later.) The girls also played a part by emotionally and mentally bullying her. I later learned Jews controlled the entertainment industry; and it starts when they stick together against Whites with talent. Jews did it to me on the Jenny Jones Talk Show, when I went on as the Queen of Karaoke, when Jews made me look like an absolute White fool for the world to mock and laugh at.  The Jews stabbed both her and me in the White back! Note the white handkerchief in her hands to wipe up her White tears afterwards. Here’s a vintage song from the past for my sister “before” the Jews mentally scourged her worse than an animal. Here’s the song Rose-o-day for her memory. When she passed, the hospital kept her in a freezer for there was no money for the funeral. No Jewess has ever had it that hard.
Note in picture, Jew boys have ragged jeans. Why? If Whites wear Levi blue jeans, Jews invented and own the since 1873. Years ago, on the farm or cattle ranch, jeans were practical. Now they can create sterility in White males for it keeps the penis and balls to warm and confined. Equally important, White rich women wearing ripped up jeans. How pathetic. I threw mine out a long time ago and opted for stretch pants or skirt. Better Picture:
Thanks to Jew constant harassment, she ran away, quit school and never graduated eighth grade. I then never finished kindergarten for I went to school with her. She cried to Daddy and Mama how mean they were to her, but there was nothing they could do. They were already stretched too thin with a large family and we just had to suffer. When I first heard this story, I questioned my White Christian sister’s story, instead of challenging the Jews. I never questioned the Jews. But now I see the entire completed puzzle, all neatly in place, showing Jews as villains and villainess’, a horrific, unbearable sight.
Rose Coles School
Did the Jewish kids plant  doubt and destroy her confidence that she was “not good enough?” Neither Jews nor Blacks have any self-esteem problems, as we had growing up. Jews control the entertainment field, and John Lennon of Beatles said that to be in entertainment one must be of the Jewish “religion.” Beatle’s drummer, Ringo Starr is a Jew. Paul McCartney’s money will go to his Jew wife, ½ Jew kids, his present Jew wife will get everything when he dies. John Lennon’s money to his Yellow wife. It’s all from our White money. George Harrison below:
Jews control who becomes a star. It’s also why biographies and autobiographies are about celebrities, Jews make, not White society or God’s talent. Not a word can get published, through their strangle hold on the book publishing industry. Jews put out a single carrot luring Whites who hope to become famous, but they appoint only designated “Chosen Ones,” who totally submit to their mind and life control. Surely Jews chose Madonna to flaunt her behavior on screen, such as kissing the smelly feet of a Black man and accusing Whites of raping her. It should be the opposite, but she belongs to Jews through their Kaballah. Just as Jews got all Marilyn Monroe’s money, which came from White idolizers, they already get Madonna’s. Also, it gives Jews great sadistic pleasure in assaulting the name of Jesus’ mother, Mary, called MADONNA.
There are so many Whites in television and Hollywood who work twelve hours a day, seven days a week for little money and the delusive hope of the mere possibility of making it big. But the big jobs at the top go to all Jews, and if Whites have the job, and a Jew becomes unemployed, the Jews kick the White person out or treat him or her so badly, the White resigns. But then we are slaves for Jews; and slaves can’t become entertainers but stick to scrubbing floors, as Cinderella and me did in the famous Disney movie.
The Jews even stabbed White Walt Disney in the back. Since Jews owned all the Hollywood studios even as far back as 1909, the only White Christian man was Walt Disney that dared to put his talents up on the big screen. They drove him bankrupt. He was strong enough to resurrect from the economic dead, and again put the most wonderful, animated movies we can imagine: Snow White, Pinocchio, etc. Jews waited until he did all the hard work and then bought up Disney after his death. Now Disney films portray constant race breaking to get impressionable White children to mix, mingle and mate with other races resulting in the genocide of the pedigreed White Race.

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