Jews Hate White Culture but love our White Slavery for Them and White $$, Women, boys for their perversion

Jews Hate White Culture: As you can see now, from these Germany Dresden Figures, (Jews and their Commie imps destroyed and Holocausted in Flames the German White men, women, children and melted them alive with 1000 bombs…… NO JEWS WERE HOLOCAUSTED IN FLAMES IN WORLD WAR II BUT SAFE IN WORK CAMPS TO MAKE IT EASY FOR THEIR EMIGRATION TO USA…. TALK ABOUT ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.’ Like when Jews filled up a ship called “Patria” like “Patriotic” and forced their immigration like brown Mex’s and their sex’s do on USA today, but Jews did to Palestine, 1940. When Winston Churchill refused to acknowledge the Jews robbing that land thru forced immigration, Jews bombed their own ship, killing 276 of their own Jews so Whites would “feel sorry” for them when they murdered their own people and sank their own ship. Hitler was a saint compared to how cruel Jews were to their own, such as Jew doctors injecting their people with typhus to make sure the world would “feel sorry for them.” Now today, the world hates Whites and love Jews and we helped and slave to make tit happen.
Look how relaxed and happy our White women used to be. That could have been for “all” White women not just royalty. All our money instead went to Jew banks, misery, war, which is unfit for God’s children who served Him/Her for 2000+ years. It would be a cruel god who reward the Jews for their crimes, and punish White Christian descendants for worshiping him and helping world get civilized. Send them back to being cannibals, poverty, starvation etc. The other races only hate us for our generosity which they consider a weakness. Let’s see if when Whites are gone how good the Jews are to them. We opened up our USA home and the Jews and other races took it over and chased us thru Jew blockbusting. We gave them our universities, and they replaced us and only Whites have to pay; all the rest are free which means “we Whites pay for them too.” They took our beaches, oceans, parks, mountains, roads, libraries, subways, they not only took our skyscrapers, Jew Silverstein with his double indemnity insurance policy destroyed them for $$$, which Whites will pay for higher premiums, etc. We opened our Christian churches and welcomed them in, but they made racist Black churches out of them as the one Michelle, the African Queen Ruler of USA and world attended and her Jewish Black Rabbi #1 in USA.
No race deserves to die off like the Whites are doing right now and have been. Where’s our dignity, our royalty, our refinement, our hard work, our meditation, our God. Why do we worship Jews as gods 24/7 and blacks and whoever jews sling in our face. First it is Muslims for their revolutions, then they transfer to black Somali pirates, then to Yellow North Koreans. I just wake up and wonder where their Hollywood production is going to be next. It’s an assault on White Life to life worse than cockroaches not humans. And Jews reduced us to a level below the lowest of nature.
By the way, I never saw these figurines until today so I’m writing as I research.

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