Jews Infiltrate the White New Testament: Ephesians

White Christians and Jews. I watched a DVD series about the New Testament. Many, many Christians worship, literally, the Jews of Israel as god. The Jews are faked, forgeries, and murderers of Jesus Christ. Jews took over my Polish White people even before year 1025, as I have written on earlier posts. Jewish bankers. All it took was just one Jew banker “family” that worked together to enslave an entire Polish white tribe, but worse, to get us to constantly fight one another. Those Jews turned Poland into their hidden empire of crime and death against White Christians, not just in Poland, but across the globe as we can see here in USA where Jews financed the American Revolution to “bring down White pure bred Kings and Queens,” and be replaced by pure bred Jews who control us. We only were “told” we are free.
On this DVD series, the teacher, says clearly on the 4th DVD that the books of Paul, II Thessalonians, Colossians, are….. Forgeries… Faked as black Obama’s birth certificate or illegal browns documents.
But who might have done that forgery which is now in New Testament and believed by almost all Christians as gospel from God. But Jews are not God, but claim to be the “collective” Messiah. Someone, somehow, “must” get to the heads of these Christian churches and people, which soar to millions upon millions. Don’t they know Jew Communists killed millions of millions of Christians, Whites and only white Christians. Not a synagogue, or mosque, or Chinese Commie center, or Hindu Temple was burned or destroyed. None were starved to death a brutal murder, as Jews even starved their own in the Hitler work camps to gain illegal immigration into USA when before this we had a prohibition on them.
The New Testament Book of Ephesians, in particular, gives away that the author is not Paul, for Paul never ever ever wrote about uniting with Jews!
Yet the lying author, who got away with it, until today, writes how (White European) Gentiles…. must unite… Jew and Gentile…. One happy family. Even blaming God as designing this. The author claims that White Gentiles must stop “Lording” over Jews and act Superior to Jews. The writer puts down the White Gentiles as being “inferior,” saying White Gentiles should be “grateful” that Jews “allowed” the European Whites to join.
Now, as I said before, I have studied much where the European Whites are the lost tribe of Israel and are really the Chosen of God. But Jews had to smash that image down and elevate themselves. Hence, it is why black Obama chose Jew Raum “Emmanuel” (now mayor of Chicago) as his first appointee. It was a Jewish indication to spit right in our Christian faces that the Jews are “Savior” of the world, which is what Emmanuel means. Jews may have “saved themselves, their wicked Jewess wives and children, the blacks, browns, yellows, reds… But Jews not only are genociding Whites, which nearly all descendants of Christians for 2000 years, but making us suffer in the meantime. Jews call the USA as they did in my Poland for 2000 years::: Kingdom of Heaven, Golden Age, Paradise!! White Christians have been fooled into thinking we have to suffer and die to enter Kingdom of Heaven. A good Jew tool to make us “accept” all the terror, suffering, lies, robberies, rapes, wars, atrocities, terrors like 9/11 and World War I, II, and Vietnam War, and think it is from “God.” It’s blasphemous! It’s deocide to kill our God, the highest of good we can comprehend at this time, and put Jewish evil as our Lord and Master. It is sinister beyond anything one can imagine.
The faked author, impersonating Paul, first starts Ephesians with how wonderful God is and the people he’s preaching to, who have lived bad, bad lives, but God forgave and now gives the world to them. But the author trips up for he says “he had many sins of the flesh and ways of the world like the (white) pagans. But Paul was a strict Jew Rabbi who converted and repented, not a White sinner. (Only Whites I think can be sinners, not Jews or any other race or religion.)
Then the faked author says the it was a great “gift” for non-Jews to be united to Jews (who claim to be Chosen of God, but imposters.)
This faked author (must be Jew) states in Message Bible how God started with 2 people, (Jews and Gentiles) but now they are one! They were separated (rightfully so) by centuries of animosities and suspicious but now God created a “New” human. Jew/White Christian. Only the Jew keep his/her identity, White becomes not only Jew slave but body bag for his/her wars.
The faked author talks of the “new” order. Which is really Jews “Lording” over White Christian slaves. In the DVD, the teacher says that the author complains that at present the Whites are “Lording” over Jews and Whites believe themselves to be “superior,” to Jews. Today, 2000 years later, Jews are not only Superior to Whites, but way higher in IQ, verbage IQ which is reading and writing, 143. But then Jews “silenced” my people of Poland as producer of movie “Katyn” where Jew led Commies killed 20,000 of my smartest men of Poland, and then silenced an entire huge, huge nation. It seemed impossible. But it is fact.  Jews claim that much power. Whatever Whites have today, will be taken from them, as Jews already did in Poland. They can’t be any other way than who and what they are. Also Paul in one of his true letters speaks that when the End Times come, it will be in a flash. No warning. Think of that, USA, and White Race. There won’t be a slow warning to go into survival mode and live like animals or 4th world. It will happen instantly. Jew newspapers will shut down. Jew TV. We won’t know which way to go or what to do.
From Ephesians
“New International Version
This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.”
Note that Gentiles are “heirs” …. with…. Israel.. Meaning Israel Jews were “only” chosen ones, but now they adopt us. Nonsense. We were original chosen of God being chased by other races till we fled for our dear lives into Europe. Where are Whites going to go now, when Jews turned world against us and even the poorest of Europe don’t want to ever touch American soil again! Jews intentionally encourage violent behavior of blacks and browns against Whites to keep us terrified.
More on “Jews and Gentiles (Whites) united.” (As were are today, Jews genocided white slaves. If Whites want to be united with their destroyers or devil, it is really a shame. From Ephesians in New Testament
49.6     Christ has made us alive spiritually     2:1-3
49.7     We are saved through faith in Christ     2:4-10
49.8     Gentiles were excluded from God’s plan     2:11-13
49.9     Now Jew and Gentile are brought together     2:14-18
49.10     All are building blocks in Christ’s Church     2:19-3:1
Picture Jesus Christ telling us to unite and become slaves of his murderer. Remember he “never” forgave Jews. On cross when he said “Father forgive “them” for “they” know not what “they” do, the next sentence reads the White Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus’ one piece tunic, which was very expensive and could not be cut up for each soldier. White soldiers had no idea who they were crucifying, but Jews planned Jesus crucifixion since he was in Mary’s womb and would have stoned her to death for she was 11 years old and not married.
“Ephesians 2:11-13 – Do not lose sight of the fact they you were born “Gentiles”, known by those whose bodies were circumcised (the Jews) as “the uncircumcised”. You were without Christ, you were utter strangers to God’s chosen community, the Jews, and you had no knowledge of, or right to, the promised agreements. You had nothing to look forward to and no God to whom you could turn. But now, through the blood of Christ, you who were once outside the pale are with us inside the circle of God’s love and purpose.”  Lies….. Jewish murderers were never the Chosen people of God, but imposters and bankers who Jesus thru out of the Temple, but my Poland kept them as their Lords and Masters since before year 1025, according to my in depth 40,000 pages of writings.
“Ephesians 2:14-18 – For Christ is our living peace. He has made a unity of the conflicting elements of Jew and Gentile by breaking down the barrier which lay between us. By his sacrifice he removed the hostility of the Law, with all its commandments and rules, and made in himself out of the two, Jew and Gentile, one new man, thus producing peace. For he reconciled both to God by the sacrifice of one body on the cross, and by this act made utterly irrelevant the antagonism between them. Then he came and told both you who were far from God (the Gentiles) and us who were near (the Jews) that the war was over. And it is through him that both of us now can approach the Father in the one Spirit.” (Again, Whites have kicked Jews out at least 106 times that we know of. And now that Jews and White Christians are “one” as in world today, where they by their own admission now control us entirely, we are servants of the devil. This faked writer, not Paul, talks of “peace!” Jews kept my Poland in war alone for over 1000 years, including being the guinnea pig of World War II which Hitler fought over and lost to Jewish God-hating communists.
” It is in this great cause that I, Paul, have become Christ’s prisoner for you Gentiles.” (Paul didn’t write this chapter according to “The New Testament” DVDs by Professor Bart D. Ehrman. seems like faked author of Ephesians wanted to put a “guilt” trip on Whites like Jews put on the entire White species for a Holocaust that never happened as Jews wrote it. The “Winner” of a war “writes” the War history. Whites lost, hundred million White men and destroyed women and children families. Jews “won,” and even President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, said “only winner of World War II were Jews.” Do you suppose that is why Jews killed President Kennedy, his brother Robert, and President’s son, John-John? Do you suppose the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s secretary in a lagoon was staged so Edward would be so off guard and upset he automatically cow towed to Jews when they forced the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to be passed right after his brother’s President Kennedy’s death. Remember, the Civil Rights Act against White Rights, was drafted in synagogue by Jewish Rabbi. Where it was written separation of church and government, it is only for “White” Christians to obey as slaves. Jews control our government and us. Jews claim to be a “religion” but are a higher bred race, while at the same time, damaging us with their addictions to the medical, illegal drugs, the top two businesses in USA. Yes, even Elvis knew of the dangers in 1970, but Elvis who studied the horrific effects of Communism for 10 years by his own hand written letter to President Nixon when he made personal visit, knew the Communists were destroying his audience (Whites) from within our own country. But Jew dentist who was last stranger to see Elvis before he died, probably killed him too! Jews build up; Jews destroy. Beware those who think they have plenty of money now. As Paul said above, in a flash, destruction will come without a warning.
More lies, written by a faked author of Ephesians. Yet we have believed this for 2000 years: “It is simply this: that the Gentiles, who were previously excluded from God’s agreements, are to be equal heirs with his chosen people, equal members and equal partners in God’s promise given by Christ through the Gospel.”
Ephesians 3:7-13 – And I was made a minister of that Gospel by the grace he gave me, and by the power with which he equipped me. Yes, to me, less than the least of all Christians, has God given this grace, to enable me to proclaim to the Gentiles the incalculable riches of Christ….” (So in other words, if one becomes a “Jew” one will get rich. How many Whites read self-help books on how to get rich. But we can’t ever achieve it for we do not have the Jewish world wide international mafia to connect to. Hence they become our gods and idols, and we are constantly unhappy, unable to become as rich as them and never will be. Those rich, like Bill Gates, have already had their $$$ taken by Jews without the least bit of suspicion as I wrote years ago would happen.
Jew author further states Gentiles (Whites) should be “grateful” we were allowed to “join” up with Jews. Take a look at the destruction of our species,our churches, Europe, our morals, IQ, $$$, and see if we should be “grateful.” Whites must now sort out what is our true nature, not the Jewish imposed mind, thoughts, body, they grotesquely formed on us, ancestors and children. Our true nature, that of God, is still here. We just need to dig for it and get the Jews off our backs. It seems were are going to die anyone, so their bloody race wars, or whatever their next catastrophe upon us, shouldn’t really frighten us, not should they be allowed to get away with it for even a single minute more. Thousands of years of persecution by Jews towards White Christians, even until today, where Christians actually worship Jesus’ murderers… is enough!

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