Jews Insult Jesus Christ

Jew artist pees on Jesus’ face and mocks the fact that Jesus might have had tears during his persecution and not the “strong silent type,” Jew Hollywood made John Wayne to be role model of White men…. silent….. Never ask how did Poland get silenced, the home of Jewish empire and we their slaves for 1000 years until today… Ask how a few of us figured it out. Jesus not a Jew by race. From John 7:1
“After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in ‘Jewry’ because the Jews sought to kill him.”
It’s obvious Jesus was brought up in Jewish religion as perhaps many of the Whites of his area of Nazareth, Bethlehem, were.
The entire New Testament is filled with sentences, phrases, chapters on Jewish Kings, Pharisees, Sadduccees, Jew Lawyers, Elders, Counsels, and the pronouns, he, they, them, wanted to destroy not just him but would have killed his mother, Blessed Virgin Mary, for being pregnant at 11 without marriage. Jesus avoided Jerusalem like the plague.
Jesus left his home and traveled but it is not known where. One book showed he went to study with priests near India. Since Whites are called Indo-Europeans, or related to India, those priests could have been white also. But apparently, Jesus gained a completely new insight into God, man and the universe, than what the Jews had been forcing down the people’s throats. Jews killed or broke down every person in their way. I’m no exception, from being born a slave for Jews from my folks, 900 years my ancestors, and my own life, ending in the beating I suffered in Vegas before I fled from there. Is this how a Veteran’s widow is treated? Where’s our military, all 4 branches, to stick up for me as I stuck up for them? There’s no use protecting Jewish women of Israel who are not from the Bible and “their rights.” These women are criminal and the motive for the Jewish constant abuse and genocide of Whites (Christians.)
Note also he walked “in Galilee,” where he and some of the disciples were from. Doesn’t that tell you he and his friends were ‘not in Jewry’ nor were those towns. Today those are probably Palestinians whom Jews just launched a vicious attack bombing the hell out of their homes, killing innocent men, women and children who are only trying to protect their land. Jews will do the same to Americans if we try to protect our borders. Jews want the destruction of America, Whites and the Christians who served Jesus Christ for 2000 years. This land should be the “kingdom of heaven” for whites, not hell on earth, with no future or hope for our survival.
From Gill’s Exposition: Note he wanted to observe the holy days of Jews, but turned away until he could institute his own at the Last Supper, with the “New Testament” or Gospel of Love (between Whites I would hope.)
I like the part below Jesus knew they were trying to kill him, so he left.. But he didn’t laze around when he got back home, “he did not sit still, or lie at home, and live an inactive indolent life, but went from place to place, preaching and healing, not as an enemy, but to do all good to men/women. He was mistreated by the Jews who wanted to kill him for healing a man. It is no wonder we only have Jewish medical today to rely on for easing our suffering, much of which they caused like their tobacco fields in Barbados, 1650, same years their rum distilleries in Rhode Island… all 22 of them, wars and addictions,
“otherwise the above places were in Galilee: but the case seems to be this, that after he had been at Capernaum, he went to Jerusalem, to keep the passover; and finding that the Jews still sought to take away his life, he returned to Galilee, and “walked” there; he did not sit still, or lie at home, and live an inactive indolent life, but went about from place to place, preaching the Gospel, and healing diseases; he walked, and walked about; but not as the enemy of souls, seeking to do all mischief, but to do all good, to the bodies and souls of men:
for he would not walk in Jewry; in the land of Judea, where he had been, and tarried, and made disciples; but being rejected and ill treated, he left them; which was a prelude of the Gospel being taken from them, and carried to another people; which afterwards took place, in the times of the apostles: his reason for it was,
because the Jews sought to kill him; for healing a man on the sabbath day, and for asserting his equality with God”
Here’s painting of Jew artist insulting Jesus. If white Christians insist on worshiping Jews or being so terrorized they are ‘sitting still, lying at home, or inactive indolent life, these are the Jews you worship who try to think of the “worse” things they can do to Jesus or those that follow, not helping, but hating us.
The Jew artist who blasphemes thru art is Larry David in the picture. Jews like “negative advertising,” as they have accustomed whites to. It doesn’t matter whether they pour Truth or lies, (celebrity stories, war monsters) or garbage or good into our minds, we just “accept” it for we can no longer think.
Here’s more. Our list is just begun. Like President Nixon had his list of people who hated him, (he never dreamed the Jew Armand Hammer would frame him with Watergate and bring him and his associates down).
This article is Jews insulting Jesus. I would call crucifixion and death the highest form of insult one can endure, as the Jews and Chinese Commies did to our white men in Vietnam and the suffering of those who came home to hateful white Americans, drummed up by Jew revolutionaries who took over USA…. Yes we are Communists. And have been since before World War II. We drive to suicide or did they murder Hitler and Eva Braun and forge his last will and testament? Jews can have no witnesses, hence he made sure the doctor to the Jews, Dr. Morrell, Hitler’s only and constant companion who knew his every move, gave cyanide to all the head Nazis, telling them if they were caught to be “honorable and proud,” and kill themselves rather than be subjected to interrogation. It sounds really patriotic, but they use “patriotic” as a curse word to manipulate us so we don’t think. We just hang on one word, and we think everything will be all right as Whites,like Obama’s “Hope and Change.” Yes for killing off whites and dividing up the American pie first among Jew Commies and Chinese yellow commies, and the rest to rest of races and religions, until Jews and Chinese figure out they don’t need them either and will spread the Communist Chinese to take over all our homes and countries already built. Jews will turn on them also. They cannot help being the savage animals they are. Just take away their trillions and see them as I saw the Jewish doctor that raped me without his mask.….0…1ac.1.49.img..1.12.514.6q8QmU-5L2c&gws_rd=ssl#facrc=_&

Jew monster Larry David pees on face of Jesus forcing yellow tears down Jesus' face. Jew monsters still alive today.
Jew monster Larry David pees on face of Jesus forcing yellow tears down Jesus’ face. Jew monsters still alive today.

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