Jews "like" for Whites to "hate" them; Dr. William Luther Pierce

Freedom of Speech destroyed. All of Dr. William Luther Pierce’s audio tapes, 308, destroyed. He was a physicist and the smartest of the Whites. Very few could ever figure out what has happened to the White Race, and fewer the Jews behind this genocide. I went to put on a Dr. Pierce audio. Completely taken off. Just like the 70 books Amazon banned. You destroy a person’s writings, you destroy the writer or person.
Even though I type away and edit my autobiography about how much “hate” the Jews spewed out at my Polish White people for 1,000 years, now here since 1945, they “love” it. Jews love seeing us become anxious, depressed, and helpless as we attempt feebly to expose their crimes and genocide of us.  But what “goes” around, comes around. They will bring that anxiety, depression and helpless on themselves and their Kyke Kids. And with the world watching it will be twice as bad as what they dished out to us.

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