Jews Named Me “Dumb Polack!”

Although Jews weasel their way out of any White argument. Their hatred against me a good White woman is an abomination and curse on our people. Polack (Poles are the Whitest of the Whites) is a curse worse as would be kike / Jew, or nigger / black, and spic for a mexican, etc. We have different species as the Bible even says.

Jews named my people and me “Dumb” while at the same time keeping my people and all Whites “dumbed down,” with their “reality.” They created it through their theft of the movie machine and inventing Hollywood 1927-today. 100 years of just Jewish hate and input into our minds. Jews invented the curse words such as Polack, then swayed White society into being “guilty” for what they did. There was no curse word as ‘nigger.’ It was how the White Southern people said the word “Niger” from blacks from Nigeria.

Jew Norman Lear fashioned Archie and Edith, the “All in the Family” characters, after his mother and father. Then made us feel guilty for what they instilled in our heads. Here he curses his White Polish son-in-law, Michael, as a “Dumb Polack” with a black man standing behind me.

What do you know about it, you dumb polack ?

In the millennial year, 2000, I worked as Human Resource Director for Human Development for #1 Caterer to the Stars. I was instructed to hire only Whites. Since I was also a background actress for Chicago movies, I asked if I could hire on the movie set. I went to the Chicago movie set, Return to Me. Unknowingly, I inspired the movie when I sang that song on a previous movie lot to Bonnie Hunt a famous Dean Martin singer.

While I waited to go on the scene at the bowling alley, Archie Bunker, Carroll O’Connor came up to me and shook my hand. Stars never mingle with extras. It was a divine coincidence.

Also, the Jew “creator” of the TV show, named Archie’s wife, a White woman degraded with the name “Dingbat!” Jean Stapleton. He then introduced the “true star” of the series, a jewess kike little girl. I blogged how she found (stole?) Archie’s Veterans’ World War II medals. But Archie and the jewess kike girl sing a love song together with her on his lap. And that’s the image of who the White woman is today, adoring and hypnotized by Jews and non-Whites into giving up their country and everything we did for 400 (2000) years.

Here O’Connor and the Return to Me star chat:

White Carroll O’ Connor, Left, Jews named “Archie Bunker’ to disgrace Whites.

Where the TV Jew refers to the blacks not being equal to “Whitey” (curse word), now the #1 Republican Missouri donor is a St. Louis black “billionaire.” How did he get his $$$$? Jews invented, paid for staffed, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. who now rule over Whites and help each other. The group and Jews are the Anti-White / Anti-Christ St. Paul reminds us in the Bible?


How Jews destroyed the White image of God and instilled self and divine hatred: From All in the Family

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