Jews Scared: Passing Laws All Over the World to Punish White Men & Women who debate Holocaust

In the Bible, the name and idea of “God” was so sacred, the Caucasians would not even speak it. But now that is not true. But the name “Jew” has already killed out idea of God for no one can speak their name or write it without prison, arrests, computer hacking, etc.
This is truly the White Race, even White Christianity’s last chance to save themselves and White Christianity. Just as in my Poland, Jew’s empire or dynasty for 1,000 years, (A Jew Reich) all laws were against the White Polish Catholic Christian people, Jews now are extending that to all White Countries.
Once Jews finish silencing the few of us who write and speak about these truths, it is the final genocide of the White Race. There’s nothing and no one to stop them. There’s White people all over the world in prison, being deported, punished, fired, bombed, bankrupted, beaten and crippled like me as well as death threats, as I also have had to endure.

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