Jews the Spy Kings and Queens of the World, USA, against White Race

I’m going to get back to my book. Will be brief. On “Fake News Now,”, they said the biggest spy ring in history: Jews right before 9/11. All arrested but all released. I’ve written of Jew Jonathan Pollard, worse spy against USA in our history, pardoned by Black Barach Hussein after I wrote about him on my blog. The Jew couple, Rosenbergs, electrocuted for passing documents of the atom bomb invention to Communist Jews in Russia. They probably got them directly from Jew Oppenheimer whose signature is the only one on dropping the atom bomb on two Catholic cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki World War II.
My research and memory, (my short term memory not good but long term remembers my family’s past quite vividly) recalls clearly the first major spy was White Race Benedict Arnold. His name is defamed until today as the 1st USA spy. Yet the “Master” Jew he worked for was a Jew from Canada . . . who . . . got off Scot free. If Christians knew they could prosecute the devil for the sins of the Christians why don’t they prosecute the Jews?
Why aren’t Jews prosecuted and persecuted for “hate” crimes as Germany and other countries fill up their prisons with the Whites who are brave enough to expose and tell the truth about the Jews?
Jews underground Mafia and Israeli Mafia worse in “World History,” not just USA and now we have to judge the Jews for world-wide crime spied on us such as Amdocs of Israel. All the phone calls the top industrial countries make are recorded and printed by Jews of Israel. We not only give them billion$ and trillion$ for welfare in a Holocaust which never happened they way they lied about (Where the Polish Christian version of the Hollywood version Holocaust and it completely destroys their lies? and I hope my White Polish come forward as Christians with the truth and the rest of the world “believes” them. Jews labeled us even me in our subconscious to forever think of Poles as “dumb Polaks.” All the reasoning, writing and speaking I do can’t change that unless Whites get control of the Media, which Jews stole almost a century ago. Polish have been hypnotized for a millennium by Jews.
Even the supposed spying conducted by framed White Republican Nixon and his Plumbers, was formulated and funded by the son of Jew who fomented the Revolution, 1917, against White Russian (Christians,) Armand Hammer. $2.5 million.
Check out more spies. And since spies hide in the background and Jews can now pay other races to spy, this is just a drop in the bucket.
We also have to know Jews got in right away with the computer and internet. Whites do the inventing, Jews the stealing and spying to get our copyrights, inventions. Today we have to watch because our Whites can’t invent anymore. All laws against us, but was same in Poland. Who spied on my computer where even Best Buy techs said the spying footprints on my computer worse they ever saw. They had to kill my computer (Yes Jews murder computers also) in order for me to write.
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I met the Russian Mafia once in Chicago and they asked to “buy me a drink.” They had buckets of champagne. I said no. I didn’t know the “Russian” Mafia were Jews connected to Israeli Mafia.
Look up “Jew spies”

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