Jews, Ukrainian Women, Holocaust Lies

(You may have read this. Better twice than not at all.)
I also had thoughts about Ingrid Rimland Zundel and how successful she became with five homes in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a wonderful vacation home in Mexico, and she leaves all to her son Rudy. Ernst Zundel’s two sons, Hans and Pierre, get nothing. Since the money donated to Rimland and Zundel was from 10,000 Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists on their mailing list, that money all should be for a fund for our research as well as payment for all the hard work we’ve been doing for “their cause.” 
I’ve tried to contact him many times but no reply. Although Ingrid did make a room in the basement of one of the five homes so we can have meetings. That would have been a phenomenal idea for us to gather as well as bringing newcomers in live. In helping to save the endangered White species, I’m not about to save computers or phones but people.
My issue, and I’ve written this before, is the Ukrainian conspiracy. From a woman’s perspective, it seems weird. If I sent this before, please read again.
It’s Ukrainian Ingrid and her male harem.
Ingrid = Ukrainian. She lured Ernst Zundel, one of the top White people in the save Whites, expose Jews scenario.However, she also snared others into her web. And I’m not criticizing the men, because no one ever researched this before. She got David Westerlund to generously donate frequently, and he put her in his Will. That’s love for a Ukrainian woman who had 10,000 holocaust exactitude revisionists on her list. She didn’t have to do anything but send her PowerLetter. By the way, in her last PowerLetter, she abandons holocaust revisionism and embraces the White survival movement. I cherish both and are equally important. 
She wrote a book about sex in California. Being Polish, I once came across a YouTube (it’s been taken down) by a black man. He was so privileged he got to attend the University and replace a Polish person, who slaved for Jews for 1,000 years with no restitution as Whites pay up the sleeve for blacks. But the black revealed some interesting information about his life as a Polish student, when I’m censored by 3 universities because I say White and or Jew without genuflecting to the latter. He said the Polish men are tough and protect their women. (So did the KKK and the National Socialists who the Jews destroyed in 1944-1945.) White women and children and all we worked for 400 years unprotected and stolen from us.) He added that if he goes into a dance and asks a Polish woman to dance, a bunch of Polish men will drag him out and beat the hell out of him. Then he said in contrast, he went with his African native jungle friend to Ukraine. He was astonished that the White women were having sex with the blacks in the streets. And I thought, “Like wild dogs ready for the dog catcher to take her away.”
Also, the top two Jews in Ukraine forced in 2,000,000 Ukrainians to interbreed and infiltrate all the top Polish writers and speakers. Poland has lowest birth rate 1.2 of 196 countries. It would have soon gone extinct, but the Jewish men sped up the process since they love to see Polish people suffer as they did to me. If a rhino, cat, or dog breed went extinct there would be an uproar. But a Polish White subspecies? The only Christian country today and still silenced?!
Did you know Ingrid wrote a book on sex and had young students in her home? I’ve read 29 books on sex, but only want marriage or celibacy. A person can’t think when the bottom part of the body is in hormones. I need every bit of energy and health I have left.
Ingrid: gave her library to Dr. David Duke. Again, I’m not criticizing since I have these people I mentioned in my book as persecuted martyrs. 
Ingrid: Joe Foster said he’d drive her back and forth to her and Ernst’s home in Mexico. She gave him the estate according to Joe
Ingrid: Bernie Davids was a worker for George Lincoln Rockwell. He visited her frequently and was madly in love with her. I never got that treatment in all the 20 years of research, phoning, meetings, visits, emails. He read a poem he wrote for her, which sounded like it came from a famous English poet. He professed his love for her. Where was Ernst? Rotting away in a German prison, where they had CNN on 24/7 to brainwash him. For some reason, Ernst returned his wedding ring to her at the end. With Jews controlling every move we make, it was easy to send him away on fake charges back to Germany. He didn’t have a clue.
Ingrid: Her attorney was Bruce Leichty who was kind enough to ask me to email you using my name instead of his. He ended up being arrested anyway, when two Jews conned him into having a meeting alongside the Mennonites conference on how saintly they were by saving so many jewish devils during WWII and bringing them to America as if we didn’t have enough! 
More Ukrainian women who confiscated our top White male authors and speakers. If you have more examples, please reply so I can keep my list to date.
Famous English author Michael Walsh with over 70 books, also fell prey to a Ukrainian woman. Does something seem fishy? Do our White men have a right to know what has happened and think about this? He’s living or is married to a Ukrainian woman. Again, if they are not Ukrainian or jewess, let me know or add others.
Jewess snared American Renaissance pro-White, Jared Taylor. They steer his movement, when our Whites desperately need to face the jewish question, as well as the holocaust lies for our survival. Everything the jews base their empire on is their media fictitious account of WWII, which is nothing more than one of their cheap horror films. But it was our suffering reality: 120,000,000 White (Christians) dead from before 1917-today. We fought since 9/11 for jewish wars in Palestine. I refuse to use the word “Israel” and the jewish devils in the same breath. Israel has sacred meaning and Christian Identity believe as do the Mormons with their billions of documents that the Whites are the Children of Israel or Israelites.
I heard Mark Weber was married to a jewess, but I’m not certain about that other than he challenges Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists. People will challenge my book and 20 years of info. I know a missionary in my town who went to both Palestine (Israel) and Russia and said they were the most wicked people on earth. The rabbis even forge documents and identities. Many Israeli jews drunk and in straight jackets. Yes those people lead the USA, Whites, and the few Christians left that managed to hang on for at least a little while.
Ukrainian wife and family for Council of Conservative Citizens, Jim Scheider. Does he know about all the other top leaders above? He was kind to me and was going to be my real estate agent if I decided to move to DC. 
Joe Cortina, famous author of  three volumes of John 8: 44, which exposed the Jews in Palestine. He wrote from first hand knowledge since he was with IBM and worked there. He doesn’t have any connection whatsoever with all of the other men above. How did a Ukrainian woman snatch him? If I didn’t find him in my research, I’d never have known he also was a victim. Just as the 2 Jew Ukrainian top leaders forced 2,000,000 Ukrainians to control Poland. My people don’t have a chance.
My heart goes out to the White males above and wish I could do something to bring about a healthy resolution to this bizarre and dangerous Ukrainian takeover. No other race is endangered and if we go so do all the rest of the races here. The top and smartest Indian would go on White survival radio stations. He confided he wanted the Whites to survive. If not, it’s the end of the Indians. Do you think China cares? They will destroy the Blacks in about 40 years. They only hire them in the new worldwide breadbasket (as Ukraine was before) so that Christians will be appeased. In fact, the Chinese will massacre the Jews as they did in 1095 and kept them out until after WWII. It was always about a Chinese-Jewish dynasty. End of Whites and Christianity since 40% of the rabbis are atheists.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann

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No, they are not attacking Ernst Zundel. That is not what I got out of their video. It is Ingrid whom they are suspicious of. I cannot judge, because I really don’t know. They are suspicious of what happened to all the donations to the cause, and then why she left the entire estate including the priceless library to Rudy her son, who is not at all supportive of our cause (i.e. the truth). But who knows what kind of influence Rudy had over Ingrid…Monika

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Subject: Rizolis attacking Zundel? Hi John,Are those Rizolis now attacking the Zundels? 
Ernst Zundel started the entire fight back and expose of the holocaust on a massive scale. 
Are these people insane? Have they lost their minds?