Jews Win over White Christians… again.. See ObamaCare with Jewish Supreme Court

Jews win! Christian Whites lose! Here’s supposed “White” face, Jews hide behind as their mothers teach them from the Baltimore jewish life news.
If you read at least to the line, I know it is hard, you will see how Jews passed the “health care” which is really “death or dying care.” It goes to Jewish doctors, Jewish insurance companies, and those trained in Jewish Medical Schools.
Let’s face it: White Christians are the White ping pong ball in a Jewish game being batted around until Jews win.
Obama puts Jewish Kagan in as a shoe in to pass the Obama Care months before. She is supposed to be disqualified, but we have no laws…. except laws for Whites…. and White Christians. All the other races and religions can do whatever they want.
The ones that voted “For” Obama care: Jews and Brown.
1. Jew: Female Ginsburg
2. Jew: Female Kagan
3. Jew: Male Breyer
4.brown Mex: Sotamayer (Jews cut deal under table giving browns “citizenship, money, votes, White jobs, etc. for browns are Jews’ slaves. No more blacks, nor White Polish the former Jew slaves. California kicks out blacks who run from brown Mex gangs.(Did I say “Jews” bringing in dope and drugs to bring down Whites? Even sister who only thinks “good” thoughts as a Catholic told me “All the blacks are moving out of her town and browns taking over.
5. (Chief Justice) 1/2 Jew: John Roberts… the “deciding vote,” and “head of Supreme Court…. Jewish mother. In Jewish race/religion/business/mafia whatever you want to call it.. the “mother” counts, no matter what religion is indicated. Here is from Wiki: showing his mother’s name ending in “sky” the Jewish name. Roberts was born in Buffalo, New York, on January 27, 1955, the son of Rosemary (née Podrasky)
“There you have it: 4 Jews and 1 brown Mexican, and brown babies already “majority,” in USA
The other 4 losers
1. Scalia – Catholic (Christians who follow Jesus’ teachings) If you look up Scalia the Jew who voted him in questions him about the Brown case which ended White segregation in the South and began White dumbing down to 3rd World level. What a Jew Takeover. I don’t think they took Poland over for 900 years as easy.
2. Kennedy I’m assuming Catholic same (But remember there are no White Protestant Heterosexuals who built this country so any ruling by the Court is just a ping pong game between Jews and Catholics. We “know” the Jews were in Catholic Church back in 1500 when Poland ruled Europe and the “law” there was that if any Christian White Polish person did their banking business with anyone except a Jew it would be burning in hell forever and jail. These Jewish “laws” are hardwired, so don’t think this Obamacare is anything “light.” It is hardwired into us and our White Christian children, no matter ‘what’ denomination.
3. Thomas (blacks are now the losers with Whites: do you smell a black and white civil war? Jews make $$$ anyway you look at it.)
4. Alito says “Italian” but not “Catholic?” He is famous for called for the decriminalization of sodomy, and urged for an end to discrimination against gays in hiring by employers. (well we know why a homo lover got on the Supreme Court. The gays are working decades ahead of White Christians who don’t suspect anything.)
The Jews and their imps want to get all the White $$$ in any way they can. What easier way than to control the Health Care since most Whites are “old,” and needing to stay alive. Whites will do “anything” to stay alive. Easily dish over all their $$$ that they worked for.
But the “tax” is really money for insurance companies that goes straight to the….. Fed Reserve. Started by Jews in 1913, run by Jews today. It does “not” go into US Treasury, but I think Jews run that too. It is a shame when Jews kept our White boys down…. intentionally so we don’t have mathematicians. My son had highest in country especially in math, and they brought him down. Now we can’t even “raise” boys with high math abilities to run top banks, etc. We have to sit by and let the Jews run them and us.
Alex Jones on radio says that the “insurance” companies wrote the ObamaCare, so it “benefits” them. The bill does “not” benefit the patients in any way shape or form. It’s the Whites who are going to be stressed over paying it, since government agencies will take care of blacks and browns. Jews can self-insure they are so rich.
Judging by Veteran’s Hospitals they are 80% blacks, yet blacks were not the major people in wars. Browns and blacks will now occupy hospitals, take pills, doctors, tests, nurses, clean up people, receptionists for they are “easy” markets. That is why Jews want them here. Get them sick, then have Whites pay for their medical….. Big $$$$$.. Whites already have for 400 years blacks, 100 years browns. And now the Jews want the entire Muslim religion and God-less Chinese on the White’s back also. Can you see why we are dying. And that we “want to die,” as a race and Christian religion? As the hospitals were “closed” in California, 80 of them, they will now stay open with “White” money.
Whites are old, and will turn over all their $$$, stocks, insurance, houses, bonds, to Jews to make sure the Blacks and browns get top notch treatment. Also, it will bring “Down” the level of health care for Whites. You will see in waiting rooms etc. how Whites will be at the bottom of the list. Jews will still stay on the top. For on the documents for care where it says “religion” if one writes “Jew” they will get “best” Jewish doctors, or top yellow, while Whites will get the black or brown “Affirmative Action” doctor that was “Forced” to pass to meet ‘quotas.” Poor Whites; Poor White Christians.. and literally that word “poor” is what will happen as they take the rest of the White $$$.

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