John the Baptizer Exploding on Jewish Snakes

Bible: Jews & snakes: Just reading Message Bible and the part in Matthew where Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptizer, is converting and saving people’s lives at the River Jordan.

I get a kick out of John’s emotions regarding Jews who came up from Jerusalem to check out what was going on.  (Just for reference, during Jesus’ life he never even went near Jerusalem, for that is where the bunch of Jews who ruled were dictating, banking, instilling fear in people, not love. It was only week before Jews murdered Jesus that Jesus went to Jerusalem. Lucky he stayed away for 3 years so we have much to study.)

The Message Bible reads “When John realized that a lot of (Jew) Pharisees and (Jew) Sadduccees were showing up for a baptismal experience because it was becoming the popular thing to do, HE (JOHN) EXPLODED! (Hooray for John the Baptizer! Hole in one! Goal in the Net!)…. He exploded: “Brood of snakes! What do you thin you’re doing slithering down here to the river? do you think a little water on your snakeskins is going to make any difference? it’s your life that must change, not your skin! (This not only could apply to Jews but to Whites who have White Skin who might have to undergo changes today, hopefully to survive.)

And don’t think you can pull rank by claiming Abraham as father. Being a descendant of Abraham is neither here nor there. Descendants of Abraham are a dime a dozen.What counts is your life. Is it green and blossoming? Because if it’s deadwood, it goes into the fire.   

“I’m baptizing you here in the river, turning your old life in for a kingdom life. (Just as Jews believe USA and before this Poland was “Kingdom of Heaven,” I think what we as Christians can experience on earth here is beyond any $$$ Kingdom Jews have enjoyed for 1000 years off Whites. We are limited by Jew’s example. We see how utterly ridiculous their Money Kingdom is now. Throwing words Trillions of dollars around like pennies. And yet proper money and wealth should be for all Whites.)

“… the real action comes next: The main character (Jesus) is this drama – compared to him I’m a mere stagehand — will ignite the kingdom life within you, a fire within you, the Holy Spirit within you changing you from the inside out. He’s going to clean house–make a clean sweep of your lives. He’ll place everything true in its proper place before God; everything false he’ll put out with the trash to be burned.”

In my own reflecting, I write truth in the human sense, and I hope that the false that seems to be our 24/7 existence gets put in the trash to be burned.

By the way, John the Baptizer was son of Elizabeth who had a miraculous baby. She mysteriously got pregnant when 90 years old. Her cousin, Blessed Virgin Mary, was 11 and pregnant with Jesus without having sex, but thru Spirit.

I spoke with a White man recently who told me Jews were “Chosen people” of God to be worshiped on earth and he was a wretched sinner needing God’s saving. He had problems with drugs. When we talked race he said “White Supremacist.” Why if I say “White” I’m a Supremacist, when I only think White species should survive. He knew Bible backward and forward. When I spoke of other races, he says we can’t get to heaven unless we are willing to “die” for the “truth” of Jews as Chosen people (Jewish Supremacists) and the other races are as good as we are.

Well if we are “all” equal, than, we are all equal to Jews. (wouldn’t want to be equal or anything like them.) But he couldn’t grasp that “He” was good, chosen, loved… only Jews and other races.   I’m dumbfounded. Why would churches insist the White man is evil and then wonder why they turn alcoholic or drug addict or tune out on Black football players and beer. Nothing more can be seen of them or by them. It’s really Communist Jew theory. Bring Whites down to level of third worlders and elevate themselves at the top, where everyone is equal, except them… brood of snakes!

Here’s pix of John the Baptizer:

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