Karaoke friend's-White Male suicide; Jewish hypocrisy

There are things that I cannot even discuss on a live journal such as wordpress, especially the email I got today informing me of my friend’s suicide a Karaoke Jockey, KJ.  He was a very handsome, German American, blonde hair, blue eyes, big, tall and strong, and a great sing ballads.
For another White male to commit suicide is being my comprehension, whe all this country is concerned about is the Civil rights of the “poor jews and their faked and exaggerated Holocaust, totalling ignoring the Polish Catholics whose numbers far surpass the Jews by a long shot for deaths.  And the “poor blacks,” who we should support or else they might burn the country down. Or the poor Mexicans who are invading or country worse than as if Stalin landed on American shows and wiped away 1/2 of the population.
What about White Civil Rights?  Since I started this study after myown White husband’s suicide, with the last words, There is no help for the White male and I’m going to kill myelf and show them it is about “men” and not about “$$$”.  Meaning to rehab our White men utterly destsroyed by Affirmative Action, and intentionally so, because
Civil Rights is a topic that the Jews were using to destroy VBavaria back as long as the 1300 century and that is why the White Bavarians kicked them out.  My ancestry is from Bavaria, and Austria, and I can see why the Jews were kicked out of there. This is “White History,” not jJewish fables, fantasies, and fraud.
My KJ friend, (Karaoke Jockey) that commit suicide will be remembered dearly in my heart forever, and with every stroke of this keyboard to prevent another White male suicide, or even a female suicide as my own 3 attempts.  Where are our White Civil Rights? Who can I complain to?  Who can I scream and cry at, or smash every window in the ouse as my poor Mama of 12 White Polish babies, that saw the Jewish hypocrisy way back in the 1950’s, whereas I didn’t catch on until about 2003, even though my Mama was trying to tell me, I couldn’t listen or would fight her back, just like people are fighting me back when I tell them.
The Las Vegas main newspaper called me up yesterday and wanted to interview me with pictures of me performing as the “Queen of Karaoke.”  He said that they wanted to do a spread on me.  But, he wanted it to be ‘real’ and not something put together for the news.  He said he called me last week, but I never got a message, so I don’t know how this can be, because I’m the only one here, and there is no message on my answering machine.
When I told him it was still not too late, since the entertainement section is included in Thursday’s paper, we were working out a program where they could take pictures and then interview me. He was leary that I didn’t go out singing all the time, and told him I stay home to write my autobiography for myself and my deceased husband.
I told him that the Chicago Tribune did an article about me once. I was at an Elvis Birthday Party and Elvis’ friends and relatives were there in Chicago at the Hang Uppe.  There was a karaoke contest, and the Chicago Tribune asked if they could film and watch me. They especially were interested in the changing of the costumes, and asked if they could follow me into the bathroom, although not in the private stall.  But, then the Chicago Tribune did other articles about me also.  When I started to write the media, was the beginning of the end of all the media attention I was getting.
I also told the newspaper that he could interview my karaoke friends from the House of Blues who said they have filmed most of my performances there, called “Extreme Karaoke.”
He said they wanted to do the review on me, but didn’t want to hear anything about my book(s).  It was to be kept strictly for karaoke only.  Then after everything was set for me to meet them on the Strip at a casino karaoke bar, he called back and said they had cancelled. I didn’t know why, nor did he say.
It was all rather strange, and I remember hearing Don Black and David Duke talk about how unpredictable and unsettling our media is.  When the Whites recreate their society, these are things they should address. Just outright honesty and integrity as Hitler was striving for, not that he succeeded for even his own White German people were very corrupt around him and were more concerned about getting $2,000.000.00 houses and villas to live in for their German White wives, than for Hitler’s idea of ‘love of race, fatherland, and character.”  These values were going to have to be taught to the ‘next’ generation, as the current generation was too far gone.  And surely if the Jewish doctors made up 52% of the medical, and only were a smaller percentage than here in America, the media must have been run by them too as they did around the entire globe.
In memory of Lester the KJ, who apparently commit suicide, recently, I wrote to a karaoke friend about this, and gave her the first two songs I ever sang in karaoke and how it started 21 years ago.
My son, Paul and I, were in Disneyworld in (I think the year was 1988, and “88” is a good number for Whites), at a Ramada Inn pizza restaurant. I saw the sign, “Karaoke” on a blackboard outside in the hall, and went in, as I had read about it in the Christian Science Monitor about 5 years before. When I sat there, I saw the TV monitor and all the words on the screen.  Even though I didn’t have TV, radio, stereo, I heard songs at dances, or at my friends or sister’s homes who played music. I just sang in my chair quietly.  But, karaoke people are very friendly, and there have been KJ’s that call it the “karaoke” of “love,” where if someone comes in he announces the newcomer and everyone goes to greet and hug the new karaoke person that just walked in.  (Something Whites might try to do and to complete White strangers yet.)
While I was doing my “chair-i-oke” which is another name coined from a Chicago karaoke bar, at least 6 different people came up to me to ask me to get up and sing. They had never seen anyone that knew so many of the songs. Well, I wouldn’t do it saying the same thing I have heard everyone else say, “I can’t sing. I’m the world’s worst singer. I ‘hate’ my voice.  There isn’t enough booze in the state of Florida to get me up there.”  Also, ‘chair-i-oke’ was when I would go to karaoke at Trader Todd’s in Chicago, (Playboy magazine rated it #1 for karaoke) and since it was ‘slow’ on Sunday, they would put an ’empty’ chair on the stage.  So, I would go up and sit down and they would spin the wheel, or somehow pick a song at random.  (Most of which I never heard before if not all.)  And then one would try to sing it and it was really challenging and broadened one’s knowledge of songs, and exposed the singer to help get over the fear of singing on stage.
Anyway, after the ‘6’ person came up to me in Disneyworld Karaoke, I decided to go up.  Now, after I finally muster up all the nerve in the world that I could possibly get, I turn to my son and tell him I’m going up and he says, “If you go up, Mama, I’m going to my room. Don’t embarass me.”  He was 9, and we had been basically alienated from each other since I put him into the boarding school.  The first 5 years after the divorce left me seeing very little of him, as I had to work scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets just to have the $$$ to get there, although by this time I was working at Roadway Express in the office.
I said to Paul, “Mother has got to do, what Mother has got to do.”  When I got up to sing, “I’ll Say a Little Prayer for You,” I looked into his eyes and he was very attentive.
Here is the first song I sang, and the next song, was in a karaoke contest. (Can you imagine someone being so bold or crazy to enter a karaoke contest after only singing one song in public?  But one has to ‘try’ not ‘win’ all the time, or is that some sort of slogan for “Whites only.”
I was a background actress in Chicago, and was actually called to be in this scene, but had to work so I didn’t get the message until it was too late.  The movie was about a White man whose ‘best friend’ goes to marry his ex-girlfriend.
When I got up to sing this song, I told them I was new so they put the microphone ‘low’ and I found myself having to scream the song practically.  Well, the Disneyworld Pizza Place was having a karaoke contest and needed contestants as no one was signing up, so I did another song, which I really didn’t know and probably bombed at, but one has to ‘try’ not ‘win,’ all the time.
Here is the second song I sang in the karaoke contest:
P.S. one more song came on youtube that I thought might be interesting. In the Bible we read “I Am That I Am,” which is what God said to Moses.  Well, Shirley Bassey sings something similar, “I Am What I Am,” and comes out with a cape just as I do in karaoke. (I have many capes that I have sewn or purchased, and love to twirl them around on stage. Sometimes, it is more about the ‘fabric’ I’m wearing and twirling, than me or the audience or the music itself.
Shirley Bassey is a 1/2 breed like Obama as I looked her up on Wiki, (or at least it says her father is from Nigeria and she looks blackish. The British Crown gave her tons of awards, but the Brits are hell-bent on destroying the White race and their own people except for a few.
Needless to say, I didn’t win, but I had fun.  Most White men will ‘not’ enter a karaoke contest if a black person signs up.  It seems the blacks not only take all the money from college tuition grants, from welfare, from HUD homes, from free medical, etc. etc. but they take the $$$ away from karaoke contests as Whites goes into some sort ‘frenzy, ecstasy, and almost oblivion as if they have just seen God or Jesus Christ on stage…  Affirmative Action has hurt the White male in karaoke also, because of almost 100 years of Jewish programming since the Jew Al Jolson covered his face with black paint, and started to replace the White man in entertainment and respect.
In regards to Lester’s suicide, I think it is high time to use our churches not as vestibules for more Jewish propaganda and ideas, but for Whites to unite and transform and take back our race and country.
This is utter ‘hypocrisy,’ and Whites should not be paying $$$ for ‘hypocrisy’ at churches, and there are churches even worse than mine when it comes to destroying the White people.
In Cruden’s Complete Concordance, the definition for hypocrisy reads:
(A false assumption of virtue; canting pretence of goodness or religion.  The word if frequently used in the Bible with the meaning of ‘godlessness.’)
Here are some of the passages which Jesus, the anti-Semite and racist, used to the Jews, about Jewish ‘godlessness, (and even the opposite of godless which is devilishness):
In Mark 12:15 Jesus accuses the Jews of being ‘crafty’ because they want to know if they (the Jews should pay taxes to the Romans.) Perhaps the Jews wanted hand-outs like they are handing out the country to all non-Whites. The parable upset the Jews and it ends that:
“The Jews longed to get their hands on him (Jesus) for they knew perfectly well that he had aimed this parable at them–but they were afraid of the people, (that were starting to come around and understand Jesus’ message.)
“Meanwhile, the crowds had gathered in thousands, so that they were actually treading on each other’s toes, and Jesus, speaking primarily to his Jewish disciples, (who he favored above Gentiles making him a racist) and aid,  ‘Be on your guard against yeast–I mean the yeast of the Jewish Pharasees, which is sheer pretence (hypocrisy.)  For their is nothing covered up which is not going to be EXPOSED.  (Hopefully, Jesus is prophecying that the Jews and their dasardly deeds are going to be ‘EXPOSED’ TO THE ENTIRE WORLD,’ and that their ‘perfect crimes’ will be ‘perfect’ no more.  Not at the cost of the White male their competition in our own country.”
I’ve been writing about ‘exposing’ the Jews but never realized it was the Lord that said these words first, according to “J.B.Phillips” New Testament.
1 Timothy 4: 2:  Beware of false teachers: warn your people.
“God’s Spirit specifically tells us that inlater days there will be men who abandon the truth faith and allow themselves to be ‘spiritually seduced’ by teachings of demons, teachings given by men who are lying hypocrites, whose consciences are as seared flesh.  These men forbid marriage and command absinence from foods–good things which God created to be thankfully enjoyed by those who believe in him. Everything that “God made is good,” and not despised. (I think this would mean that men and women should be able to marry for this celibacy is driving a wedge between humans, and even ‘food’ is good. We are very afraid of food today, and even drink, for so many gluts of stories about ‘this’ being bad, and ‘that being bad,’ that at times I don’t even know what to eat or drink for fear I’m breaking some health law.  It is not the ‘food ‘that will hurt us,’ but the ‘fear of the food will kill us.’
James 3:
“What causes conflict among you? Do they not spring from the aggressiveness of your bodily desires.  You want something you cannot have and are bent on murder’ you are envious, so you quarrel and fight.  The Scripture says that “God opposes the arrogant and gives grace to the humble.”  (So does God ‘oppose’ the arrogant Jews today?  I would say, of course.)
Job gives a speech to the Jews in Job 15 :
Heavy though his jowl is and gross, and those his sides bulge with fat,
the city where he lives will lie in ruins, is house will be deserted;
it will soon become a heap of rubble; he will no longer be rich, his wealth will not last,
and he will strike no root in the earth; scording heat will shrivel his shoots, and his blossom will be shaken by the wind.
He’deceives himself, trusting in his high rank, for all his dealings will come to nothing, his palm-trees with wither unseasonably,
and his branches will not spread; he will be like a vine that sheds its unripe grapes, like an olve-tree that drops its blossom.
For the godless, one and all, are barren, and their homes, enriched by bribery, (hypocrisy) are destroyed by fire;
they conceive m;ischeif and give birth to trouble, and the child of their womb is deceit.
(So as I see it the Jewish women’s children are ‘deceit’ incarnate.)
Jesus, the anti-Semite and racist said, “

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