Kissinger, Israel, Report, 16 Intelligence Agencies

Jews & National Security: Why is a Jew, Henry Kissinger, the head of the US National Security? That means every decision that has been made for FBI, CIA, and “all” of the 16 USA intelligence agencies have been under Jew-Kissinger? I sent 2 posts about how there is an 82 draft report documenting the facts as I have done in a different way, that their unanimous conclusion is that Israel has no right to exist and USA should pull the plug on Polish-Jewish Israel. (Not Christian Polish which is the opposite so please don’t get that confused.) But now I’m frightened that Jews have the #1 most sensitive spot in our country and world. Why a Jew? Why Kissinger? Is Jew Kissinger the one that shut down the White Peoples Party as the FBI did? Is he the one who threatened to take away Federal funds to the leader of that Party. Is Kissinger the one who called a State of Emergency and wouldn’t let Dr. David Duke and the small European conference have a meeting in Memphis 3 years ago! Is Jew Kissinger the one who shut down the “No More Wars for Israel” conference in Irvine California and then blew up my engine on the way there so I couldn’t make it there. (I fooled them I rented a car and zoomed there just in time to see that the Marriott Hotel canceled it but a Greek Church let the meeting go on. There was a hero there talking about how Israel (Jews) bombed the hell out of USS Liberty and also the one woman who would not take the $$$ from the 9/11 insurance treasury fund. All the victims were paid off (payola) and she was fighting for the truth to come out and either she was the “only” exception or one of the only ones that didn’t take the big lump sum for a hefty insurance. There was a survivor of the 9/11 that was a woman that wouldn’t take the $$$ from this insurance and she gave a speech at “No More Wars for Israel.” I thought she was the ‘only’ one that held out for truth and justice and investigation. I then heard that a woman who did not accept the $$ was killed in a mysterious aircraft Buffalo New York. (That’s right by Lackawanna New York where my Father or Daddy is from.) Someone else might have that. But is this Jew Kissinger really in charge of the entire White species and Christianity? I’m shocked it would be in our enemies hands. But it is as plain as day for his name is associated with the “all” 16 intelligence agencies of the US and only Jew Henry Kissinger is linked to this 82 page draft. Also, Jew Henry Kissinger was in office when this President Nixon Watergate scandal happened. Did Jew Kissinger help bring President Nixon down. (Elvis loved and even hugged President Nixon when Elvis was so desperate to stop Communism and illegal drugs that he took a plane to the White House near Christmas.) The other characters that might have brought our White President down was Armand Hammer, son of Julius who officially started Communism and Russian Revolution, and had 7 Jews assassinate Czar, Czarina, 5 children and Spiritual Healer. I read yesterday that after the Czar Nicholas was kidnapped (Jews told him it was for his ‘own good’ for the ‘people’ were rioting, when in fact it was the Jew Commies and Revolutionaries that did it)… I read that after the kidnapping the Russian headlines were even blaming the woes of Russia on poor spiritual healer, “Rasputan!”…
Anyway. Jew Kissinger works directly for White Christian President Nixon. Jew Hammer gives Nixon the money for the break-in. Jew Ellsberg is the psychiatrist whose office was broken into. Jew Bernstein, or ‘Deep Throat’ was the Jew who broke the case open and wrote the book and had every detail in hand. Same as Jew Zapruder who had the ‘only’ film of the assassination of White Christian President Kennedy. How is it that all our police chiefs are trained in Israel or Israelis train them here. Israelis are Jews. Not Christians. Muslims are not Christians. Christians are Christians and I would think all Whites in USA today and in Europe are descendents in ancestry as Christians!

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