Kosher Killer Krimes

While Jews invented the myth of the horrors of the KKK for trying to maintain law and order in the South after Jews and their imps gouged the Southerners, the true monsters are the Jews. Remember what the Jews reduced Poland to, “a land without laws,” and a “land of how they enslaved the entire nation: The nobility into debt, and the rest of the entire population into White Polish slavery, then starvation, then death, while Jews robbed their corpses in golden glittery robes.
The Kosher Killer Krimes. Here is just 2 stories I came across, the one my sister called me for I am trying to get to writing. So even my family that hates me for saying the word “Jew” without genuflecting 24/7 relayed this to me. These stories should be mandatory reading for the religions that worship Jews as God on earth, for it is blasphemy and a slap in the face to God Almighty to worship criminals who take away His Glory!
In the video the Jewess says that God is crying with these Jews. Is God crying for the White race, that has developed Christianity and has given away everything, including land, capital women, and our very minds for the Jews, blacks, etc? Is God crying for the 66,000,000 God Loving people killed by Jew Commies, the 22,000 of my fellow White men of Poland, died by the Commies in Katyn Poland, and intentional extinction of our White man, the Jewish man’s competition? I do not think God would want to die, nor his Jesus Christ. I believe to kill God would be to kill the planet, for it is based on “good” laws of survival.
Also below is research to this Hassidic Jew Religion, and from Wiki it states that most Jews called Poland their home, and Poland is the birthplace of Hassidic religion, which is what this Kosher Killer was. This killing reminds me of the 5 part Eternal Jew movie that I sent to you recently, where the ending showed how they killed their cattle, drenched in blood, and then slaughtered and put into freezer! It’s uncanny, that this same process was done to a human Jew boy, for I wish no evil on them, but surely there are forces that are bringing these crimes to our attention where they were hidden for a thousand years. And yet Jews drove Whites to crimes, and even have America filled with criminals so that more crime and violence can be inflicted on White women and children, and Jewish wars for White men lying bloody and dead.
Here is of another recent Jew crime of raping a 12 year old girl:


By Rev. Ted Pike
16 Jun 11

Continuing a wave of child abuse indictments, another Orthodox rabbi has been arrested in Israel this week. Rabbi David Hafuta, age 64, is charged with forcing intercourse on a 12-year-old girl multiple times over a 10-month period. Hafuta is known as a “neighborhood rabbi and a familiar figure with a reputation in the field,” who abused the girl’s trust.
In an Orthodox culture in which rabbis are held in superstitious awe, the girl approached Hafuta with sincere religious questions. The rabbi then used religious pressures suffused with Kabbalistic/Messianic superstition and pedophile grooming techniques to molest his victim. Hafuta drove the girl to the beach and told her she must “atone for all the bad deeds that she has done so far” by allowing him to rape her. Using manipulation techniques shared by other pedophiles, the rabbi conducted a pretend marriage ceremony and described intercourse as possessing magical power to control destructive forces in the girl and even save her mother. The rabbi also sought access to other girls by asking his victim to bring her friends to his office, where some of his assaults had taken place.
As I have documented in previous articles (See, Child Sex Indictments Plague Orthodox Judaism and Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret) the Talmud could not be more explicit that Jewish men have the right to “marry” three-year-old girls via sexual penetration and Jewish women have the right to sexually assault nine-year-old boys. In the dozens of child abuse cases emerging against Orthodox rabbis, we find them evidently feeling justified by the Talmud to abuse minors, both male and female. The Talmud says sexual assault by an adult Jew upon a minor is not like sexual contact with an adult. Under certain circumstances it may be indulged in with no moral consequences. The child is not a “man” and is thus outside the Mosaic command against illicit sexual intercourse.
The sexual neutrality of minors is laid down in Sanhedrin 52b. This tractate, of all in the vast Babylonian Talmud, is considered by Orthodox authorities to be most definitive concerning legal matters.

GEMARA. Our Rabbis taught [and the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committed adultery…shall surely be put to death.] ‘The Man’ excludes a minor; that committeth adultery with another man’s wife ‘excludes the wife of a minor;’ even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor’s wife ‘excludes the wife of a heathen.’ (1)

Because the Pharisees gave two meanings to the word “man,” pedophile rabbis today may be rationalizing that sex is permitted, not just between a minor and a minor but, by inference, between a rabbi and a minor, with the wife of a minor and the wife of a heathen (gentile), who is not a “man” according to Kerithoth 6b.
In my article “Judaism and Homosexuality: a Marriage Made in Hell,” I present a number of further examples of the dictum that minors can’t throw guilt on the adult who rapes them. Suffice to say, this latest case of child rape by an Orthodox rabbi in Israel combines the worst theological and moral perversions of the Talmud. This evil “sacred” literature undoubtedly helped another perverse rabbi justify his despicable choice to do what Christ said we must never, never do: betray the trust of a child wanting to learn about God (Luke 17:2).

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