Lacey Schwartz’ Real Father

I was looking for songs with “Marie Antoinette” in the title. I came across lyrics with those words by Lacey Schwartz. I knew that Schwartz was Jewish since I wrote about how Eddie Schwartz, Chicago WIND radio, molested my sister Mary who was married to an Italian from Alta Monte, Italy. My sister was a radio call-in to his show. She had written and read a box full of positive and light poetry, such as “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” sort. When my brother-in-law found out, he ran to the radio station, put a loaded gun to Jew Schwartz’ head, and cocked the trigger. (I’m not violent nor do I condone it but want business-like solutions to White suffering under jewish masters.) The Jew begged for his life and knew that my relative had a new Italian restaurant, Sorrento’s, and bargained with Tony. The radio host said he’d give my brother-in-law a year of free advertising on his show for a year. In today’s market it would be between $300-500 per minute. Tony uncocked the trigger and put the gun back in his inner holster.

A short time later, two Chicago policemen began hanging around Sorrento’s during their lunch or break. Tony had to work other jobs besides his restaurant and the men sympathized with him and offered to buy into the business as co-partners. That would give my brother-in-law more time at home. I wrote in my book, that soon afterward, the two new co-owners who had 66 2/3% interest, forced Tony out of his own business.

Back to jewess Lacey Schwartz. She made the film Little White Lie. Her jewish parents raised her to believe that her father was a Sicilian Jew. Instead, she found out her jewish mother was screwing a Black man and Lacey was the outcome of this jewish/black sexual encounter.

When I attended a Missouri State University open forum, the black man behind me asked a question: “I thought I was black. How is it my DNA shows I’m 20% jewish?” Yes, the jewish women crave black animal sex not what I consider the highest or most intelligent form of love between a White man and woman. We can’t follow jewish masters anymore, but continue to develop our White species to our highest and leave the other races to do what they please or let God take care of them. It’s a matter of life and death for White survival.