Laughing Black Beats Disabled White USA School Teacher

Re: Black student attacks disabled White teacher! Thanks for sharing. Brother Eddie, (White Polish family of 15 slaves to Jews in South Chicago) was an English literature teacher. When I asked him before he died how I could read more books, he said “read two pages each night before bedtime.” It’s how I finished my last books. Although I have a reading stand to read while I eat sometime, and of course there’s the dear toilet seat! LOL. Jews made prehistoric “illiterate” barbarians out of my Polish people. (92% Jews, Ashke-nazis from my Poland 1025-1945, then South Chicago their main place which already had plenty of Polish immigrants used to slavery.) The Writing Center PhD said we’re going back 6,000 years to hieroglyphics. They don’t teach grammar. I went to three different colleges and universities to get help since 2006. All was about hating Whites, especially men, and loving Black men, Mexican, jewish homosexuals, Chinese grandmothers. 
Brother Eddie taught Whites and blacks. Our town had veterans’ community homes. Eddie said if a black failed he flunked as he did to a White. He was equal. It was the same with Dr. William Luther Pierce college professor (listen and see his videos). When he failed a black student in nuclear physics for not passing, the White was fired and never worked another day. I know of many other teachers, the same.  Eddie originally wanted to be a radio announcer autobiographically speaking. He said before the Civil Rights Act passed (covers illegal Jews since the Republicans had a ban on them in 1924) he heard on an underground Chicago radio that “Martin Luther” “King,” said to the president if he didn’t pass the law the blacks were set to burn down America. The last I checked all our USA generals are or were black. After the Civil War, jewish carpetbaggers shoved in twice as many blacks into Washington DC. Since 1865, our formerly White capital is now occupied by jewish leaders with a black tough army who jews trained to hate and deceive Whites since 1650.
Brother Eddie said the black Female mothers are the toughest on earth. (Think Michelle Obama who ruled over us for 8 years and grew up 5 blocks from my home on Euclid Avenue.) Eddie said the blacks took him to court every marking period and every year to get him fired, money from him, the school, the government, you and I paid for their rights. I saw a video that said the blacks incite the Whites to fight but other blacks in their “tribe” as they always go together would take pictures to go to a jewish lawyer. There was a Youtube video by a black who rapped about how they could get away with anything since they all had “good” (evil) jewish lawyers to persecute and prosecute Whites in our own homeland. Brother Eddie weathered the storms and lasted to retirement.
I know of a Florida school teacher who was in the Peace Corp to help blacks and browns. She moved to Florida and taught all blacks. However, she was partially crippled from a car accident. One day, a kindergartner (black) came to school and pointed a loaded gun to her head. She talked him out of it but reported it. When the black “father” went to the principal and she hobbled in with crutches one leg being shorter than the other, he viciously slammed her to the floor gloating over his supremacy as shown in this video.