Let’s End World War III Between White Male & White Female

We study the World Wars, Civil War, Vietnam War, American wars, I study the Polish wars under Jews for 1,000 years, and now it’s the male/female war.

Alas, I read that in Poland 1025, seven Jewish banking families ruled all seven Polish tribes. Alcohol, war, and enslaving my ancestors were their only products. In addition, the Jews had us fighting one another just as our World War III today. I think of Whites alienation or even hatred toward one another while we watch all the other races and religions united and flourishing.

I have taken courses, read books, been on singles’ websites, Chicago single gourmet, and attended Singles Conferences.

There’s a World War III going on between the (White) male and (White) female, and it’s said the female must change.

If I only keep my thought on the Jews, I indirectly worship them. So I balance my life with ideas and people that I love, enjoy, admire, and that which I hope for.

This YouTube gave me such a sense of ease, I put it on “Loop.” Right click the video as it plays and pick the top choice. I had it on all day through cleaning my house, doing the laundry, daily balancing my debit card, while I made my meals from scratch, and while I ate them.

I wish you the joy and contentment I had watching this old-fashioned video. Jewess Sue Wojcicki blocked it from adding. All the money Whites gave the Jews, our lives, women, children, countries, and they deny us back a video to share. You’ll have to look it up.

There’s such a sense of peace, ease, and old-fashioned romance. The second title has the lyrics, which I sang in my mind and out-loud many times. I can’t wait until the Whites become free and independent and break our chains of slavery. It’s already done. It will unfold, I’m sure. Just type the title in the YouTube search.

Neil Young – Harvest Moon [Official Music Video]

Neil Young – Harvest Moon lyrics