Looking Up Jewish Last Names

My White Christian Polish family of 15 were slaves to Jews in South Chicago. My ancestors were the worst treated slaves in history under jews and jewesses. Bankers, royalty, warlords, and alcohol distillers and distributors. Alcohol/war, 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. Some of Auschwitz, Poland, work NOT death camp buildings, were related to alcohol distribution and perhaps manufacture.

In addition, a high concentration of jews landed in South Chicago. Jews already had sent many Polish White Christian slaves there since 1900. Mama tried to warn us, but as usual, even other Whites called her “crazy.” “Jewish real estate blockbusters will take over Chicago – block by block.” Today, Chicago is 28% White, with the 7% Polish, fleeing back to Poland. (We’re the 2nd smartest of Whites after Germans. Also, Poland is the only Christian country left in Europe. It’s that one word that frightens Whites more than any other. It’s why we’re enslaved today.

Here’s a link to recognize jewish last names. If we are in contact with anyone, we must know if we’re dealing with jews.

Also, when I was younger, one of my favorite songs was “The Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. I knew the last name “Simon” was jewish, but just found out on this list and double-checked through jewish Wikipedia, Garfunkel. I keep wondering why and how I took and kept a religious Christian vow of silence for 35 years, from ages 7 to 42.

Know your enemy! Especially White women: Beware of the Jew and Jewess!