Meatloaf – For Love – U S Marine homosexuality

One of my most memorable karaoke performances was at the Planet Hollywood singing this Meatloaf song.  One of the guys standing nearby was singing along, so I got off the stage and walked up to him and we both sang these words, sharing the mic, and looking at each other.  At the end, I dropped to my knees, threw my head back, and belted out the ending.
I think when I sang it, it is true then, several months ago, and it is true now, with the lyrics:
“Baby we can talk all night, but that ain’t getting us nowhere.”
With all my writing, it hasn’t seemed to help the White Race to the measure it needs, but has helped the Jews get richer, and elect their “favorite black son,” President.  A President that “hates” his White half.
In a way, I’m looking forward to the “hate” laws coming up. Because I will be playing it for all its worth.
You see, I’m hated. Yes, hated by my own two sons.  Not for the “color of my skin,” (although I think deep down they hate their White selves also.)  But they hate me and discriminate against me because of “my feelings and my mind.”  I’m going to show how prejudice people can be with a person of White intellect and White feelings, especially being “heterosexual,” by giving  “preferential treatement” to lezzies, homos, blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and “hating” me for being “different.”  Oh yes, I’m going to tell both of my sons how they are prejudice against me. They prefer their “girlfriend’s” mother, cause they have $$$$ and never had to suffer as I had.  My White sons are bigoted against me, as they prefer the “skin” of the Blacks, more than my White skin, or feelings, or even my mind and intellect.  That is “hatred” against me.  Yes, there are those that hate me because of my mind and feelings, not just my sons.  That is “prejudice,” in the first degree.  I will use their “hate” card, as a White that has been hated, a White husband and son that has been “hated” in this country, and make sure everyone knows about it, and let them see and feel what “haters” they have become under the Master Devils: the Jews.
Here’s another Meatloaf song, “I Would Do Anything for Love, But I Won’t Do That.”
After watching Kay Grigg’s 4 videos, I saw the the US Marines was turning our White Men not only into irreversible degenerates, but also perverts.
At the end of our marriage, my US Marine, Viet Vet, came home from work rather upset. Since we never had a real argument in 13 years, I knew, even before he walked in the door that something was bothering him.  I asked him to sit down at the table and tell me.  I was shocked, as I was never prepared in my mind or White body for what came next.  He said, and he cried, “I still love you, Barbara Ann, but ‘she’ gave me an ultimatum.”  The wife is always the last to know, but I thought I would fight for him. After all, just like working my garden for so long, it took years to help get my husband into the man he was finally starting to become.  A Good and Responsible White man.  And now, some woman from work, a 17 year old was going to “steal” him from me. 
So I told him, “If you leave me, let’s not let it be for sex.”  Earlier I had a book, “The Joy of Sex,” but he wouldn’t read it with me.  Partially because he couldn’t read.  Yes, the USA “hated” my White husband when he was a child, orphaned by his White Mother with Lithunian Royal Blood who also commit suicide.  While the government under Jewish control and domination was effectively helping Blacks, Chinese, Pakistani’s, Mexicans, Mentally Retarded people, even babies of Crack Cocaine mothers that were actually monsters with one eyeball on the chin, and one on the forehead, no one helped my husband learn how to read when he was transferred from home to home. 
I offered him any kind of sex that he might want and I took the initiative for we hadn’t had sex in perhaps 7 years.  (part of that was during my breastfeeding which is normal. Now I look back and we could have had sex but were dumbed down into not knowing how to.) 
But, as I was watching the Kay Griggs videos about how these high level Marines were homosexuals, it reminded me of something I have never written. Out of fear.  Out of shame.  For when I offered him a variety of sex, instead of him leaving me for another woman, (after all I had his two White sons whose blood comes from the Mayflower White ancestors)…… I would try harder at sex.
When I put on my best lingerie and prettied all up, and dimmed the lights, we held each other for the last time.  When we began to make love, he said to me, “Well, you said to me that you will give me whatever “she” was giving to me for sex,” and I was perfectly willing to do so to keep him.  I believed that was a woman’s role and obligation.
But, then the shock of the century came.  Just like the US Marines in Kay Grigg’s videos, my husband wanted anal sex, and sadly I submitted one time.  And I knew that no matter how much I wanted to keep our marriage together, he had pushed me over the edge, and I would never do that again, not even “For Love,” as the song below sings:
I may sing this in karaoke, along with his other hit, “For Love.” 
Yes, I believe in wartime, that the USA government not only turned my husband into an alcoholic, drug addict, illegal pill addict, a testicle amputee, an Agent Orange Poison Victim, a gambler, and a womanizer, but, it might have made him a bi-sexual.  He probably had sex with other men, while drunk, in the battle field, when there was nothing to do, and no women around.
You know, the Jewish Homosexuals who control the White Race and our country and the World, have dumbed us down to “lower than animals.”  Even my male cat would not put his peter into the wrong hole.  To confuse our White men like that, it the crime of the century. Instead of evolving into more loving sexual beings, we resort to Old Testament Crimes of the Bible, regarding sodomy and anal sex.  And our men don’t even know what has happened to them, and the “deliberate attempt” to destroy the White male and especially his most precious part, his sexuality.

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