Most Jewish Favored President: Woodrow Wilson

  • Ruling USA President (Democrat) for World War I
  • Jews blackmailed him with letters from a woman. As a result, they forced him to place the 1st Jewish Supreme Court Justice in 1916. Today, the USA Supreme Court Justice is Jewish. But they fooled us since his mother was the jewess and that’s who makes jewish raced heritage. Biden’s top 12 choices: Jews, Vice President’s husband = Jewish, Head of both the House of Representatives and the Senate both Jews. But I’ve been ranting about that that happened in Poland since 1025-1945 now here. No one believed me or cared.
  • Odd but at President Wilson’s time 50% of the entire world’s prostitutes were jewess women in a tiny New York City Lower East End Section. Wow! That’s where the Jews blew up the 3 World Trade Centers, and building 7 was never hit.
  • President Wilson gave the Jews the land of Palestine to please Fundamentalist Christians. It wasn’t his or England’s duty to do that. Israelis arrest and imprison Palestinian, Jew or Jewess, who says “Jesus Christ.” In all other countries, Jews banned Jesus Christ the #1 anti-Semite and truth teller. Did the Jews, criminal prisoner Scofield and his Bible which says today’s people who call themselves Jews deceive them? Our poor suffering hypnotized White people waiting for Jesus to save them! God and Jesus will help us when we do the work.
  • As with President Roosevelt, President Wilson’s top three advisors (under blackmail) were Jews who made all the decisions. It’s time Whites make our own decisions and begin to our our minds for our survival!

Here’s a list of websites showing that first Republican, then Democrat, President Woodrow Wilson favored the Jews the most all our Presidents. He was responsible for World War I. Democrat, President Roosevelt and his top 3 Jews, World War II.

Vietnam War = Democrat Lyndon Johnson (they had murdered Catholic President Kennedy) Even Johnson’s grandfather favored the murderer of Lil’ Mary Phagan on Confederate Memorial Day.