Movie 1944, Gaslight, Drive White German Woman Insane

Here’s a clip from the movie, “Gaslight” starring German (on mother’s side) Ingrid Bergman. In it, her French husband tries to drive her insane. It’s odd, but it was 1944, and Jew Hollywood spewed hatred against German women!!!!!! Made way for the illegal immigration of 6,000,000 Jews into the USA, 6,000,000 into Palestine.

Jew Communists who destroyed Russian White Christianity, also “won” World War II. Instead of US most famous general, George Patton, entering Germany at the end of the war, he was told we were sending the Russians in.

The three Jews controlled the USA, President and Mrs. Roosevelt during the war. He as found dead just days before the end of World War II. The German opponent, Hitler, found dead April 30. No leaders, the Jews goal since even Jesus’ time.