Movie "2012"

I would have like to see a movie like my autobiography, not like this showing browns of India & blacks of Africa/America. My autobiography would show “White” misery, white faces, white crowds, under Jew raced Dictatorship. We don’t need to learn anymore about other races, while we are dying.
Movie “2016” Black Communist Obama. “Must see” I’ll put just a short note first with a line. If you don’t get a chance to read deeply, at least I will get this out.
Movie shows Obama’s mentors:
His white race-breaking, hating white men, MOTHER who defied White heritage. She was married a second time and left him because he was “anti-Communist,” and she was Communist. “Communist” means to take alllll money from nation, people, country, in many devious forms, taxes, oil surcharge, insurance, when whites die, grab it from their estates rather than give to their children as Jews do, etc. That makes the entire world “equal.” Except for major discrepancies: Jews will “rule” over all that making themselves, wife, children rich beyond belief off White $$, war, misery, addictions, and also yellow Chinese Commies will also “be privileged” over Whites as you can see China’s economy today, and White America, collapsing both from banking, but from exhaustion at having to work for themselves & family, but also to support Jewish raced family lavishly, blacks, browns, reds, welfare, gave away all our trade secrets, even nuclear bomb technology & rocket technology. Where does that leave Whites?
Black Obama’s Preacher: Dr. David Duke was one who broke open case of Obama’s preacher, Rev. Wright, the most militant preacher in the US, who says “God Damn America.” That is a curse of bringing down cataclysm, hate crimes, catastrophe, economic collapse, and death on American Whites. He sure doesn’t mean “blacks” for blacks in his “churches of Christ?” are cheering. Did Whites that lovingly taught Africans about Jesus, God, how to stop cannibalizing each other, how to stop robbing, lying, cheating, raping (like their Jewish masters), and then have their black (even brown) students who they supported not just with words & time, but $$$$$$$$$.$$, turn on the Whites. Obama paid him $150,000 to shut up; Wright couldn’t, so Obama made a personal trip.
Black Obama’s ‘friend.’ White Bill Ayers, Chicago, where I’m from. Bill Ayers was head of “Weathermen” group. He actually bombed the Pentagon, sacred government institution, but is scot free (good Jewish lawyers who will do anything to stab Whites in back or chest as they did my Polish King while he slept according to painting.) He did bomb a “police station” yet police in USA will harass whites for trying to assemble as few as 8, just to save themselves and White species. Ayers’ immediate friends, besides black Communist Obama, were mainly Jews including his wife or lover, Bernadine Doehrn, and many others with him. I’ve done an extensive writing on this, but need to write my own book.
Black Obama’s ‘first father,’ a drunken alcoholic from Kenya. He also had leadings of Communism when he and white mother took Russian classes in college. At the time, Russia was “Communist” although no longer. Chinese Communists were never seen as threat, and now we Whites are their servants. But then Obama was a cocaine addict, & I doubt since he is so skinny, that he ever gave up drugs. Demand a “drug test” of President & federal, local, state employees. If Whites are going to have to pay for all these blacks & browns, we cannot “enable” them, the same as welfare recipients. Even pills for they “transform” one’s mind and chemistry.
Black Obama’s ‘2nd father,’ Frank Marshal Davis. Full fledged, card carrying Communist member, with his own Communist newspapers, “Chicago Star,” (Probably should have named it “Chicago Black Star of David” since Jews pumped up so much $$$, time, free labor, etc, as they did in Obama’s campaign. Jews will do anything to bring down the White man who labored in fields to feed him since Jews won’t do work, gave Jews home, such a good home, that Jews called Poland (their center of World Dynasty, before they split it up between Israel & USA) Jews called Poland, Kingdom of Heaven, Golden Age, Paradise, while at the same time, starving my Daddy’s ancestors, 50,000 a year to death, & robbing their helpless corpses. It seems today, Whites are dead, and Jews are robbing our corpses, although Jews gave given free reign to yellow Commies, Hindus, blacks, browns, reds, to join in the cannibalistic feast of devouring the white race. It’s a slow 100 year painful death until we are gone. I doubt if the other races even know this. Davis mentored, even more than a father, Obama, for 8 solid years.
Hindu movie-maker of “2016” shows that Obama plans to bankrupt the (White) America, speedily, within 4 years. Take away all our superior nuclear weapons, to give China an “equal” footing. China doesn’t have to waste time building more for their part on the USA Takeover of Whites (Europe also.)
I knew almost all the information in the movie for I listen to “Internet” radio. I get it from around the world, and info that Jewish TV, J radio, J movies, J books, J art, J music, J entertainment,J magazines “create” and/or distort, to keep Whites constantly confused. Now you know how Jews gave us Polish Whites name “dumb Polak.” Only Jews made Whites in America: dumb Ameri-laks.
Might be good to see this movie; only playing for few days. Movie got standing ovation, claps etc. more than I get in karaoke with 246 self-made costumed characters.
What movie pointed out was how did America go from the Civil Rights Act to 35 years later, a black President? The Hindu dark man doesn’t say “Jew” but Jews started, funded, manned NAACP for “Blacks” only, a Racist group with a capital “R” for Whites have nothing even remotely similar to help us survive the genocide against us in our own “occupied” country.
Hindu man compares how he views USA as nice for letting him in. Otherwise his life would have been squalor in poverty stricken India. He doesn’t say it, but my niece went there for her abroad trip to study art, & she said the parents chop off their children’s limbs to beg for $$ (from unknowing Whites) to support their children. Whites are guilty by association. In Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, or Family Anonymous they stress that there is always someone around to “enable” drug addict, & that person must stop. If USA is loaded with ghettos of drug dealers, and dope addicts, and violent crime as in Africa, Whites “enable” it thru White taxes. All that $$ will never come back to Whites, just like the trillions Obama has spent.
Movie is all filled with brown Hindu’s & blacks. He compares how he felt for he grew up worse than Obama. Again, Audience: Standing Ovation. My autobiography wants to be about the fact I grew up “worse” than Michelle Obama, (both lived on Euclid Ave. South Chicago) and how horrible my life was and is as a Jewish slave, and how royal hers was as a “slave?” (rather worker) for Whites in the South. My book or perhaps movie, (think out of the box in business) would not be about showing the squalor of India & Africa, for I know more about those countries than I care to, but want to show “White” slavery, Jewish persecution, deceit, turning Poland into country of lawlessness, robbing our treasury even my Daddy’s ancestors’ starved to death white bodies. Jews didn’t do it all at once. Their Jewish mothers teach them to hide in the background. This way they put “Whites” at the helm, & do their dirty work unnoticed, unsuspected, unpunished for any of their crimes, like Jew Meyer Lansky, of Murder Inc. the most notorious Crime Leader in USA. Now the crimes are carried out right in front of our 14 billion eyes: 9/11, 3 skyscrapers collapsing from 2 small airplanes. “That” is how effective Jewish brainwashing is. We actually “believe” something even our human common sense should have told us was impossible. It would be like seeing the sun, skip around the sky. We know it can’t do that, but Jews would make us believe we are seeing it with our eyes, even thought it couldn’t happen.
Movie talks of “Anti-Colonialism.” Had to stop & think what that meant. But reasoning says that Whites made “colonies” of 3rd world countries to rob their resources. Yet, now the “Colonies” come to America, to rob the Whites of grants, loans, free welfare from White taxes, free loans, from Whites that pay interest on credit cards, free easy businesses (Dunkin Donuts, Motel 6’s, Swap Meets, etc) where Whites can’t get help, $$ or mentorship for them, and it is “ok” for those we supposedly “colonized” to replace us in America. Whites thought it was “good” to help those countries which were backward, ailing and dying, living like animals, into “culture, God, intelligence thru schooling, healing.” But those people, under Jews, as we once said America under God, turned those same people against us, as they did Obama the Communist.
My US Marine Purple Heart commit Suicide. He fought the yellow (Jewish-led) Commies on front line in Viet Nam, who were Chinese, not Viet Namese. Jewish Communists had already killed 200,000,000 White Christians and God-loving people. Not the mere 6,000,000 Jews accused poor Hitler of killing, when in fact, even Auschwitz Poland changed their sign at the “work camp” not misnamed by Jews “death camp” from 4,000,000 to 1.5 million… and… most of those…. my people, White Christian Polish slaves for Jews. Jews wanted my people wiped out, so they couldn’t talk and tell the world what had happened to them, if anyone like me, who accidentally studied my Polish ancestry would find out.

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