White Suicide: But It’s a Wonderful Life: For Jews!

Christmastime is the highest suicide rates so please stay alive and help other Whites around you. Thanks to my solo crusading in 2005, the government military did a study of USA war suicides from 1600s. They singled out Vietnam War (Chinese and Jews) 200,000 suicided veterans: all White men. (our White women must and will wake up.) They came out of white wombs.

I never watch TV but had one left by the previous home owner. Once I turned it on. It was two Vegas jewess women, 99-years-old in a senior apartment. The one jewess ecstatically exclaimed to the other, “Myra, we’re 99 years old. I’m so happy in America I wish I could live another 99 years here!” The other J.A.P.P. Jewess American Princess on a pedestal agreed. On the other hand, the Whites are waiting (rightfully so in the worst historical misery in our history after Poland) for Jesus or a fad to save or distract us.)

Yesterday, I saw the movie theater movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. It was a jewish 1943 self-published book by Philip Van Doren Stern. Note how Jews controlled all countries of World War II as they did the American Civil Revolutionary War, 1776, under a Polish Jewish banker Haym Salomon. He was to be hung for treason for doing so but escaped with gold sewn in his jewish coat’s lining and bribed the prison guard before his hanging.



The last name “Stern” bothered me so I researched movie. Philip Stern was a jew. A Dr. Jacob Stern molested me when I was 12 years old in the dental chair as he put his greasy hand on my innocent White Christian breast, “I see you’re sprouting nicely.” Only Hitler and his government expelled the Jews, 500,000+, not gassed for their predatory behavior. Keeping their Jew race pure but stopping the Germans from trying to stop the Jew and Chinese genocide and suicide of the White people. As in Poland, we’re doing it to ourselves under hypnosis as “our own thinking” or “mind thoughts.”

Since I never had TV I thought the movie was terribly violent. Evangelical minister, Billy Graham preached even to Republican President Nixon, deposed by Jews, “One jewish Hollywood movie erases 6 months of non-stop Christian Sunday school teaching.”

I was a background actress so couldn’t help but notice strange things that didn’t apply to the movie. To decorate for Christmas (a Christmas movie or jewish and non-White hypnotism) the boy actors wore White Santa Claus masks with white beards. However, the one son put the mask on and instead of cheering his father character, famous White Jimmy Stewart who starred in Vertigo as the illness I suffer from some the covered up jew Vegas beating 2013-now, the little male actor charged at his White Daddy and growled at him. The White father was suicidal at the time. His bank broke! Even after the scaring the two little actors wore the masks like a necklace. China now advertises Santa masks with devil faces.

Christmas Santa Claus 3D Beard Mask - Orbisify.com

In the Jew movie, a Caucasian Christian Irish banker labeled as a drunk lost the entire Bedford Falls savings and loan that mortgaged homes as Mama and Daddy had a company like that. The movie’s Irish man, left the $8,000 was at the “evil”‘ Mr. Potter’s portage company where he left it. We have grave yards for those who can’t afford a burial as probably for myself called “Potter’s Field.” Evil Potter was a ruthless banker, and typified the Jewish bankers of today and the past 110 years who began and monopolize our Federal Bank Reserve System.

(Side note) When I attended and was nearly expelled in a Vegas College, 2006, the 1/2 proud happy pampered Mexican teacher forced us or fail English 101 to read 25 of 25 non-White essays. One included the last sentence “Impotent white male.” Finally, the essay “Who’s Irish?” came up knocking the Irish as drunks and adoring the Yellow Chinese grandmother who beat the White Irish little girl. I got up in front of the class before the 1/2 self-adored Mexican teacher arrived. I told the young people as I held the book in my hand “You must question this essay. We’re reading all essays by other races or religions against Whites and Irish are White. If our European kin turn into alcoholics, it’s here in the Jew-S-A that did it.” The teacher wanted to expel me but after my crusading they nearly expelled her. However, she probably gets a grand pension today.

What was striking was the book was 1943, and movie, 1946. Years of World War II. The “evil” man, Potter, in the movie was in a “wheelchair” just as Jews used to control the USA through Jewish President Franklin Roosevelt in a Wheelchair. Whites’ feelings were not based on “facts” but artificially induced “feelings.” However, the real life President Roosevelt was in a wheel chair as an object of not only “good” but god-like proportion for Whites to idolize and hang on his every word.

Here’s the Mr. Potter, It’s a Wonderful Life. During and After World War II for jewish rights against Whites. (Christians) He had the $8,000 but instead of returning it kept it and bribed George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) who arose and told him off good! I was cheering. Too bad no one told President Roosevelt and his top 3 aids (as Black Barach Hussein Obama, instead Chicago put up a museum but in the form of an ornate temple for the Whites to worship. With a God or Jesus Christ, Whites worship whoever the Jews put on a screen, publish in a book, newspaper, or heard on the radio. Even if I never had those, I have to deal with people who have white faces but jewish enslaved minds and hearts. Free the Whites!

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It's a Wonderful Life' is 75: Tribute to greedy villain Mr. Potter

If I write my book, I’m told by all religions “You have to repent or you’ll burn in hell.” In other words, jewish devils who run hell will holocaust me forever, as they do Jesus Christ for eternity as commanded by their Babylonian Talmud god. If I say to White men even religious, if I don’t forgive the Jewish demonic rapist, I will burn in hell. How could Whites be so evil when I have only given out good to all I’ve come in contact with. If I expose, I do as our great Master Jesus Christ.

In the “Wonderful” movie by Jew, the dastardly Mr. Potter turned the Bedford Falls into all Pottersville homes (slums.) The USA, especially the Southern border will soon be Mexican slums including our rivers and lakes. The majority person will be the Mexican woman, and tough as nails, while Whites break me down even lower than I already am even sickly. Our Mexicans: 2nd happiest in the world. 2nd only to Sweden who has the worst racial laws against themselves and for all the other races and religions.

Clarence the Angel rescues actor Jimmy Stewart. Where’s our White angel? Perhaps we have one along side us all the time but kept from us.