My Chapter 27-2: Helping Ideas for Whites

“I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews.” Chapter 27 part 2. Long Live the Protected White People. I was a protestor since Mama’s womb! Here’s the movie we made on Thursday. Pictures I attached below:

I mentioned on Pastor Eli’s last book interview I’m throwing away some of my karaoke discs. I want “Love songs,” at this point of my autobiography. He mentioned the song “Love is All Around Me!” is from the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral! What a combination. The words are about beautiful White Love. Jesus’ cross is in the background, blessing the wedded White couple in the movie clip. In my Chapter 27, my final autobiography chapter, I focus on helping save the White Endangered People, especially Caucasian Christianity. St. Mary of the Fields is on the wedding invitation. Well, I pioneered organic gardening in 1971. I used to pray to get rid of the bugs and to protect my plants! I’m laughing out loud as I watch the video below. The White lady shows up in four different White dresses!! Sounds like some of my 300 self-made/designed costumes and more. I enjoyed the White Scottish male dancer in his kilt costume. (I have 2 like that to honor my deceased Vietnam Veteran’s ancestry, Duncan! I sing the Scottish song, “Bloody Sunday.” In the movie, though, the Scottish man is killed and it’s his funeral. Also, when the White woman smacks the White male star, is despicable. Did I mentioned there’s a World War III going on between the White male and female and she must change! It’s not her fault. Jewess brainwashing so the jewess and her offspring are supported for “eternity.” They don’t believe in God or that there’s an afterlife. Note at 3:38 film, there’s a royal couple marrying under the risen swords!

Watch on YouTube. Copy and paste.

Love is all around (1994 Four weddings and a funeral) Wet Wet Wet

Note the picture background, my Las Vegas’House of Representative jewess Shelley Berkley ran for office. Her opponent was “Heller!” Yes, she was straight from hell according to the sign above her. I’ve named male jew names, and I also name their females. It’s the jewess females who teach their sons the dirty, evil deeds against unsuspecting White people. My Vegas House of Representatives was the most evil, wicked, corrupt politician in Washington DC Congress! How I discovered her. I hardly voted or thought about politics. I saw her opponent standing, Ken Wegner, on the sidelines in a Las Vegas all-Mexican illegal families’ protest. The average US Person in about 10 years will be the tough, strong, undamaged brown Mexican woman. Ken had on his protest sign that he would stop the illegal Mexican invasion. I contacted him to help. I went to homes to deliver fliers, but no one was home and left them. Also, I had to drive to each home since there was so much space between them. I suggested coming into my Seniors Mobile Home Park. 500+ trailers. The Republican Committee executive brought help as we knocked on doors. He called me and asked me on the Executive Committee. I wasn’t able to, but I did do a minute commercial for Wegner that aired 900 times. The jewess won over the White man. Below is the commercial. Although my temporary agency hadn’t called in six months, they called me to work at jewish legal firm. Berkley and Berkley. Odd but the owner must have dumped the jewess wife and married a White wife. I wrote that 42% of Las Vegas jews were race-breaking with White women, taking the best of our gene pool. Afterward, I saw a tremendous number of jew/White divorces, including my niece, and the jews marrying their own race. They marry so close, within 4-5 cousins. Play the White arrow on the left. I also wrote the jewess a note to stop the jewish men from raping Whites and destroying our white sacred womb. Berkley had more trips to Israel and was not available for me, her constituent. Also, the White female manager called me in her office after work. Word must have spread over Vegas that I went on 50,000 watts of Vegas power talk radio and talked racially. The 1st time: my deceased Veterans’ words, “There’s no help for the White man.” Anyway, the manager at the law firm was a White woman. She cried, “My son is White, and I have him in a 6th-grade private school. I was going to be a nun, and he, a priest. We met before our religious vows and married. Her White son was in 6th grade and the only White male out of 27. (All laws against him and for the 92% non-Whites.) The other races and religions (jews, muslim, hindu, yellows) were rich and obtained the highest paying jobs. Their mothers could stay home and help the students. Example. A Japanese mother stands by her child the whole time they do homework. “If” they need help she’s there. The non-Whites attend all the school meetings. On the other hand, the children of non-Whites, blacks, and browns obtained all the free federal and local $$$$$, even medical care, four meals a day. Again, those “poor” non-White mothers stayed home and helped their offspring, compete and often surpass her son who was smart. She and her religious White husband taught her son tennis and he excelled. Again, they couldn’t practice as the other race’s rich and poor mothers/fathers had time.

I snapped a picture of my first karaoke disc of love songs. The 1st half is without music, the 2nd has the voice to study with and sing along. All of the yellows are singing like birds. Jews taught Whites to be scared to death. We live in a heightened state of fear that has existed since Poland, where all Jews came from 1025 to 1945. I know you’re jumping for joy. I threw away on the air the karaoke discs with jewess and black singers!!! I’m White! Sigh! I have the 1st half without words playing in the background. All the music I love or learning to love.

I don’t know why but I am crying as this first song plays. Hard to cry and type but that’s my book for 23 years! I learned how to take my disks and convert them into songs I can play on my compute or phone! Nothing but love!

Autobiographically speaking, here’s a pix of Brother John along with Sister Josephine and the last Sister Mary. White Brother John pioneered Pro-Life after the 1st Congress bill passed the White abortion act to kill our babies but bring non-White babies over the border and pay them $1,000,000 each in food, education, and mentorship. Brother John suffered much. A black thug beat him while he worked at US Steel, about 1966, and kicked him in the groin. My brother worked nights to pay for his college eduction in the hot blast furnaces as our ancestors. He ran out of his job into the street and found the bus there loaded with blacks and browns. The healthy pampered for 350 years black man ran after him as my Brother boarded the South Chicago bus. The black then beat up my brother again in front of the non-Whites on the bus. My brother’s face was bloody, his pants filled with urine he involuntarily lost. Not only that day but for years afterward! The nigger disabled him for life. He nearly took his life by not eating. I had convinced him that Jesus loved to eat. He’s a big Jesus and religion fan. He wasn’t able to work but wants to write a book “The Spiritual Revolution.” I’ll add the word “White” to it. (Even then a dangerous White American neighborhood. It was about 1966, right after the jewish drafted-in-a-synagogue 1964 Civil Rights Act. White women are covered. 1961 jewish Affirmative Action law against White males. 1965, jewish Immigration Act for the 92% world’s non-Whites. All against the White male. What did the jewish tyrants from Poland do: 1966 sent all our White army-age males who may have resisted our country and home takeover to be tortured and executed in the jungles by God-hating Yellow Chinese. Jews did the same in Poland 1000 years: war/alcohol my ancestors’ only products. Now, the jews are shoving in $$ and jewish Zelensky Ukrainian immigrants into Poland to replace and interbreed my ancestors. Thus, the 1,000 year reign of Jewish evil will be forever silenced! Next year, 2025, is the 1,000th anniversary! How my heart breaks. Poland is the only Christian country left and it will also be the final European death of Jesus Christ! Jesus tried to warn us of their “hidden evil,” meaning their “thoughts!” Well, I can pray for our and your survival in my “thoughts!”
In October 2013, Pastor Eli James called and told me about the “Red Balloons Worldwide Protest.” It was to make the whole world aware of the blacks murdering the White South African farmers called the “Boers.” I went to the Vegas Party store and purchased several, then went outside in the parking lot. At 11:00 a.m., at a certain worldwide time, I joined others far away and we released the balloons in the air! When I went to karaoke later, a White South African woman came up to me while I patiently waited my turn. (45 min. +) I lamented about how her White people are suffering. She immediately corrected me as the karaoke songs played behind us. She said she’s White but married to a “jewish” man! She had to be a catch for him to race-break and remove her from the White gene pool. She knew about the murders from the South African TV news. When they announce the blacks are slaughtering the White South African farmers, she follows her jew husband and cheers for the Whites’ death. What happened to our White female? I don’t think any human or animal does that for their species! Driven insane? Perhaps our White. women are in such a state of fear as never before in the cosmos. When the White Southern African Boers migrated there from England, it was empty. They didn’t steal land or hurt the blacks who weren’t there. Boer (Dutch: “husbandman,” or “farmer”), a South African of Dutch, German, or Huguenot descent (Jesus’ assistant, St. Mary Magdalene, was of “Huguenot descent” according to a Vegas man who studied his ancestry.)
Barbie in my self-made/designed costume and especially the red “white” and blue feathered homemade hat. It’s embellished with American flag material but from the 1776 war of Independence. I’m marching with the Vietnam Veterans in Branson, Missouri. I supported them as I did my deceased Michael Miles Duncan who said he fought the God-hating Chinese Communists (Jew bankers) in the hot, human, dangerous Vietnam jungles right next to #1 superpower China! They won’t. #1 since 2012. He “tried!” Nonetheless, I married a disabled Vietnam Veteran according to a letter I have in my possession from a jewish government official dated 1957. Rosenbaum. My husband’s jewish friend, Art Karchmer, wasn’t tortured in there but had an easy Alabama Army job. He like the blacks sent to Vietnam war learned business skills away from the agonizing and deadly battles the White men fought! Art’s sons are multimillionaires today!

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