My Concussion Wound Still Bleeds & Jew $$$

It’s been two months since the misdiagnosed COVID-19. My concussion wound is large and still bleeding. I can only assume the paramedics dropped me on the steel gurney or something else. It’s on the back of my head. It won’t heal and neither the two hospital visits, urgent care, and doctors seem to care. It’s odd but the nurses sent to my home were astonished at the lack of care or documentation. My insurance said to “find a lawyer.” The agent said, “You did not have COVID-19. You didn’t have even one symptom.” Now, I’m having not only head pain, and confusion, but have problematic walking and balance. The last 13 White people who I heard died, died from falls. I am doing balancing exercises. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I also visited a “nature” doctor.
Only minor, but I still find it on my pillow. I looked at it in the mirror. It’s about the size of an old half-dollar. This coin is 1943. I was perfectly well. Singing, dancing, eating, and socializing for 7 days in Chicago at the Polish & German festivals. Only wore costumes twice. It was outdoors and hot. Most people can’t wear costumes when it’s cold and are amazed at how I can tolerate them.
Note the 1943 coin is about “Lady Liberty.” Odd, but only the Jews were “liberated” from Poland, where Jews dominated for 1,000 years. Remember also, that when the French sent to the USA the Statue of Lady Liberty, it was the Jewess who wrote the words at the bottom. It was to take over of America through selected instigation of certain people and jewish emigration out of Old Poland.
Jewess Emma Lazarus in 1883: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. (Another Emma, Goldman, started USA Communism and the assassination of White President McKinley and #1 White business tycoon, Henry Clay Frick. Nazi Wilhelm Frick was the only attorney executed in history. He wrote the only racial and anti-Jew laws as my 2018 bill I delivered personally to the Washington DC Congress.)If you read the books, you’ll find that Jews began sending over criminal 2,000,000 Russian Jews (from Poland) in 1875. Jews always play the “feel sorry” card since they play on White Christian sympathy. Yet, our people have been hypnotized. Also, the Holocaust Museum is next to the Washington DC Bureau of Engraving and Printing where the formerly White America prints all our money.

When will Whites become liberated?
Statue of Liberty Costume for Adults and Lady Liberty Torch

I bought this costume and made the tablet, which says, July 1776. Jews caused the French Revolution, American, and Polish within a few years of each other. Whites need to be liberated. I don’t think revolultion is good since our White men have been tortured in war, especially my ancestral Poland home of the Jews for 1,000 years. I’m the widow of a US Marine Purple Heart who fought the Communist Chinese soldiers, also the Jewish Bolsheviks, Marxists, Democrats! I crusaded and won for Veteran’s rights. Now it’s all our White people and countries.